Review: Bespoke Organic Skin Gym Facial @ Kew Organics

There is a new facial in Singapore that is guaranteed to give your face a workout. While we sweat away on treadmills and work core muscle groups in the gym, our face rarely gets touched. Thanks to the people at Kew Organics facial bar, your face can now get a calisthenics-like session to boost skin radiance and lift.

The innovative facial is created by Kew Organics founder, Lily Kew, a qualified beautician who has over 15 years experience in skincare. She is a big advocate in organic skincare and ensures that her organic treatments are affordable for everyone. She also invests in aesthetics technology that you may find in doctor-run aesthetics clinics (because sometimes we just need that extra oomph!). Kew Organics (previously known as Beauté by Kew) has earned many industry awards for their signature treatments. This quaint organic bar with its NYC-like chic decor, cozy interior and soothing music exudes a sense of calm that immediately has you leaving your day’s stresses at the door.



The concept of the skin gym facial is simple. To give our face skin and muscles an overall workout that results in lift and radiance. When we regularly exercise the skin and facial muscles using a variation of anti-aging technology, we are actively producing low level controlled stimulation to the skins structure. Through regular skin gym treatments, the skin is able to repair the insidious damage of aging faster than it occurs, resulting in younger-looking skin. This treatment is done with:

– interval face muscle resistance training using hot and cold radio frequency
– intensive muscle movement-skin firming massage
– deep point-to-point acupressure face reflexology
– muscle rolling lift & tone
– shoulder & neck release massage
– using organic skincare products from either Yum  Gourmet (Canada) or Black Chicken Remedy (Australia), depending on skin condition

The hot-and-cold radio frequency treatment is the main highlight of this treatment. Powered by a multi-application device that uses 3Deep technology as a safe, phase-controlled radio frequency energy source for the skin. There are two hand pieces. One hand piece emits warm radio frequency heat source, while the other emits cool radio frequency energy.


The purpose of this hot/cold treatment is to get the blood vessels in the skin to contract and/or dilate depending on the external source of contact. This gives the skin the ability to expand and contract, as well as, boost blood circulation. By doing so, it increases skin’s natural elasticity and appears tighter, lifted and more radiant. I was told this post treatment effect could last up to a week or more. If you have an important function to attend or feel your skin is looking saggish and needs a lift, this is the kind of treatment you want to try.

Whether you have oily acne-prone or dry sensitive skin, this age management concept for skin is customized to suit different skin conditions for any individual above 25 years of age. The bespoke nature of all Kew Organics treatments is the customized use of products that is suitable to benefit your skin condition.

Here is what you can expect from this facial treatment.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step of every facial session is to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. This is an important step because if the skin is not completely clean, the residue will act as a hindering layer for any treatment and product to be effective. I came here straight after work so my face was full on with the day’s makeup. I like that my beauty therapist took effort to ensure any trace of makeup was completely taken off before starting the treatment.

Step 2: Extraction

After cleansing, the therapist will have a good look at your skin. If you have dry skin like me, this is the time that your skin might feel tight. Don’t panic, it’s normal. She will determine which organic products to use for the treatment, as well as, point out areas of concern. Then, she proceeds with manual pore extraction. This is a process whereby the therapist removes gunk like blackheads, whiteheads and pimples from clogged and compacted pores. Some people love it and some bear with it. If you’d rather skip this step, let your therapist know.

Step 3: Exfoliate (the warm-up session)

A gentle exfoliation to the skin to lift dead skin cells, left over grime and cleansing of unclogged pores. This also gives a soft massage to the face to prep for what is about to come.

Step 4: Cold/Hot Radio Frequency (the cardio session)

Here we go. First, the therapist will apply a thick layer of collagen gel on your face. For the purpose of this review, she applied it on half of my face (right side) so we can see the before-and-after effect.

collagen gel

After the collagen gel is applied on, the therapist will start with the hot radio frequency application. To my relief, hot doesn’t mean burning hot. It means slightly warm.  I would best describe it as a warm, soothing and comforting sensation. The hand piece is applied in circular motion on my entire face. This alone had a great massaging effect. After about 3-4 minutes, she will switch to the cold radio frequency application. Again, cold doesn’t mean freezing cold. It means cool. After the warm round, the cool came with some relief. Vice versa. This alternating sequence continues for about 30minutes.

After treating half of my face, I was asked to have a look at the result. Using my eyelids and jowls as a visual guide, you will notice the right side of my face (treated side) is slightly higher than my left.

eyelid jowls

Step 5: Massage (the muscle sculpting session)

Once we were done with the radio frequency treatment, my entire face felt warm and exercised. Next up, a long (and I mean, long) session of skin firming and deep facial acupressure massage. Don’t expect to fall asleep. This deep acupressure massage is unique because it focuses on the muscle properties of the face like cheeks, jaw, eye area and forehead. By targeting on pressure points, the massage helps to relive facial tension, improve energy flow and rid toxins. It helps to rejuvenate skin giving a radiant and healthy complexion.

Step 6: Mask (the cool down session)

At this point, you cannot help but feel like your face has had a major workout. It’s been rolled on, pressed and kneaded like dough. It even has that pretty pink flushed look that you would expect after the gym. Like all workout regimes, face needs a cool down session. Mine came in the form of a cooling green tea paste. While I had the mask on, the therapist continued to massage my neck, shoulders and arms.

Step 7: Moisturize

Once the mask is removed and face is cleansed and toned, the final part of this treatment is applying the relevant skincare products. For me, it was the Yum Gourmet organic serum and night moisturizer. We skipped the SPF because it was already late at night and I was going home.


Post treatment: The next day & 6 days after

My complexion looked fairer, brighter and more even toned. The skin appears more energized and lifted. The effect of this facial lasted well into the week and truly a great way to invigorate and rejuvenate the skin.

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A session of this organic skin gym facial treatment is $260 for 120 minutes.

For the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations and Valentine’s Day coming, Kew Organics is extending a 50% off for first time customers. That’s $130 for a 120min organic skin gym treatment facial. Don’t miss on this opportunity to pamper your myself and journey towards achieving flawless youthful complexion.

Kew Organics Facial Bar
Block 2, Everton Park (mrt station: Outram Park, exit G)
Singapore 081002
Tel: 6534 8255

Opening Hours
Mondays – Fridays  12pm – 8:30pm
Saturdays  10am – 7:30pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

More about Kew Organics

Kew Organics is Singapore’s first all ladies organic facial bar that offers facial treatment using cult brand organic skincare products, coupled with cutting-edge technology and fully-qualified professional aestheticians. Born from the believe that skin is an eco-system with constant changing needs. The brand philosophy is to provide bespoke organic facials and luxe eco-chic beauty treatments of the highest quality to our customers with utmost care and passion. This unique and natural combination ensures Kew Organics customers receive the most personalized services and top notch results.

More about Kew Organics founder, Lily Kew

Get to know Lily, her early skin struggles and what makes her so passionate about skincare and beauty in My Skin Story: Lily Kew // Oily & Acne-Prone.

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