Review: Flare Wellness Botanical Radiance Facial

Amongst Singapore’s small handful of organic facial spas, Flare Wellness is one of them. Founded by Sharifah Fazzeleen in 2012, Flare Wellness is an organic wellness boutique centrally located at Bugis Cube, directly across from Hotel Inter-Continental. Here, they carry over 14 organic skincare brands with a good selection of household and baby care products.

The boutique’s storefront inspires an “at-home” feel. The center sit-down space is furnished with an antique-looking leather chest and old-school chair set as centerpieces; whilst surrounded by shelves of organic products sourced from all over Europe and US. There is a also sample bar corner. Especially for those with ultra-sensitive skin or on a tight budget, this is a great opportunity to sample individual products before purchase.




Flare Wellness offers 3 main categories of organic facials, depending on your skin’s needs:

1. Bio Ageless. For skin with signs of aging – skin sag, wrinkles and pigmentation. There are 4 treatments available under this category. Recommended for women 45 years and above.
2. Botanical Radiance. For skin that needs a boost in hydration and brightening. There are 6 treatments available under this category. Recommended for women 20-45 years of age.
3. Organic Refresh. For younger skin to refresh, renew and revitalize. There are 3 treatments available under this category. Recommended for teenagers.

Me and Nabila

Post facial with my therapist, Nabila

My therapist today is Nabila. Based on my sensitive and dry skin, she recommended their signature Botanical Radiance treatment using Bulgarian Rose Damascena from Alteya Organics. This organic Bulgarian Rose and Lavender treatment helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation with pressure point massage and brighten skin. Here is my review.

The Treatment Room

It is located the back of the store. There is enough space to have two single treatment beds separated by a tall shelving unit. Orange pop of color is evident here. Coming into this space kinda feels like stepping into a girlfriend’s cozy bedroom. I was given a fresh robe from one of the drawers and told to remove my top. I was also given the option to leave my bra on if I felt uncomfortable. Most spas will tell you to remove everything so I thought that was nice. There is a Tiffany chair on each side of both beds where you sit for your foot soak before treatment. Another nice touch! The gentle warm water, infused with lavender and eucalypti epsom salt, instantly melts away tension or stress.



The bed is lined with an additional layer of export-quality thin mattress, making it was super comfy. And the duvet blanket provided is thick and kept me warm. I normally need to ask for an extra blanket because I get cold easily, but that was not necessary here. Lastly, the bean bag pillow molds to the shape of your head and neck giving a fully rested composure.

Another interesting gadget in the room was the provided headphones. This is my first time wearing headphones during a facial and I wondered a lot about the ‘shared‘ gadget with other users. I was assured that after every treatment, the headphones are sprayed with a natural astringent and wiped down.



On the topic of headphones, this was one of the best experiences for a truly relaxed rest. Instead of the usual – laying in the treatment room alone listening to the music piped in to surround sound speakers – while a layer of mask sits on my face, the relaxing piano music was directly in my ears. It felt extremely intimate and self-indulging. It also serves to drown out noise from the shopping mall just outside the store front.

The Facial

I am not one for floral or rosy scents, but the Bulgarian Rose Damascera range was very light. This is a 60min no-extraction facial that comprises of cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, masking and moisturizing. Apart from premium organic products used, one of the highlight of this facial is the massage. To stimulate blood circulation in addressing hydration, pigmentation and tired skin issues, Nabila applied an organic oil serum on my skin and used a hand healing technique to massage the product into my face.

This technique mainly uses the therapist’s palms (and fingers) to deliver a mixture of pressure point and flow massage. To do this, the person doing the massage is important. At Flare Wellness, each therapist is taught to calm their own internal energy while conducting this massage. As the receiver, I did feel relaxed and extremely calm.

Towards the end of treatment, Nabila applied the mask. I sensed this mask was different and made a note to ask after the treatment. True enough, the mask used was not Bulgarian Rose Damascrea. It was Eminence’s Stone Crop Masque – an exclusive and expensive range of organic skincare from Hungary; and one of my favorites!


Bulgarian Rose Damascera treatment range

stonecorp masque

Eminence Stone Crop Masque

Although Eminence is not sold at the store due to its high price point, I was elated that it was included as part of my treatment. Sharifah explained that facials offered at Flare Wellness are customized. They do not use one singular brand for one treatment. Depending on the customer’s skin needs, they are happy to mix and match the products to offer the best result.

Immediately after the facial, my skin did look clearly and more radiant. I was told it will take about 3-6 treatments to see lasting results. What I like about my experience is they do not product push. It is not so much about the sale than it is about the experience.

Sharifah is passionate about beauty and holistic living and gets inspiration from her customers’ skin (and life) stories. It is not unusual to see Sharifah waiting for customers to emerge from their facial treatment and engage in chit chat. She always encourages her customer to give feedback and gets excited when she sees how her customers’ skin have improved over time.

A 60min organic Botantical Radiance facial starts at $68 onwards. Go to Flare Wellness to find out more about their beauty treatments and packages. Or if you happen to be in town, simply pop by their store at Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road, #05-04 (Nearest MRT: Bugis). They offer facial treatments for men and kids as well.


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Editor's Rating

Comfort of Place 7.5
Quality of Service Rendered 8.5
Overall Experience 8.0
A calming organic facial experience.
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