Review: Pure Tincture PAI Organic Facial for Sensitive Skin

Tucked away in the basement corner of The Adelphi is a spa that offers organic facials that really packs a punch! Pure Tincture is a haven for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Started by Helen Lien (read Women Who Launch: Pure Tincture) nine years ago, Pure Tincture has evolved into a full service facial spa that only uses 100% natural and organic ingredients. Every brand of product used here have been meticulously researched, tried and tested by Helen herself. So, when you book in for a facial, you know you are going to see a difference!

PAI is a London organic skincare brand that targets exclusively on sensitive and highly reactive skin. Made with botanical actives that are grown in clean soil, extracted without solvents and handled with absolute care, PAI skincare products contain zero nasties; free of synthetics or irritants including detergents, parabens, artificial fragrance, alcohol, Phenoxyethanol and petrochemicals.

PAI has a basic line of organic skin care products that works. All the concentrated goodness is in each product. It boils down simply to having a great cleanser, toner and moisturiser. And a good facial oil.” Helen Lien, spa owner of Pure Tincture

I was invited to try the PAI Organic Facial at Pure Tincture. This organic skincare treatment is ideal for those suffering hyper-sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis, congested skin and acne. There are essentially 2 PAI treatments to choose from depending on your skin type:

1. Detox & Decongest: For oily and combination skin. This facial gently purifies and rebalances oily and congested skin while maintaining important moisture and mineral balance.
2. Restore & Rejuvenate: For dry and mature skin; dull complexion. This facial revitalizes lacklustre skin, calms irritation and promotes tissue healing.

After a short discussion, Helen recommended I do #2 because my skin is not oily and problem-free except for some visible sun damage (pigmentation). Hence, this review of my facial experience is on PAI Organic Facial: Restore & Rejuvenate.

The Treatment Room: Extremely clean and spacious. The earthly ambiance of the treatment room was soothing to the senses. The room was not crammed with products and equipment, and the butterfly decor on the corner wall added a whimsical touch to the space. I especially loved that warm and ultra soft furry blanket (Helen bought it from the US)!

The Facial: A combination of pure organic and natural products used with a special acupoint massage technique that focuses on cheekbone and jawline to give an enhanced lifting effect. This simulation of key facial acupuncture points promotes blood circulation, relieves stress and drains toxins from the skin.


Seven PAI products were used for this facial:
#1. Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
#2. Lotus & Orange Blossom Bio Affinity Tonic
#3. Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator
#4. Echium & Perilla BioRejuvenating Facial Oil
#5. Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream
#6: Echium & Cupuacu Intensive Conditioning Mask
#7: Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream 

Special note: Most organic facials do not include extraction. But at Pure Tincture, you can ask for it.

The Therapist: Helen was extremely gentle and treated my skin with deliberate care. The extraction process was painless (she later told me my whiteheads, blackheads and stuff popped out easily). Most important of all, no chit chatter. I cannot stand going for a facial and having to make conversation with the therapist throughout the treatment like we are best mates having a catchup. In fact, being my first time with Helen, even I, tried to be polite and create initial conversation. Helen answered me politely, followed by ‘Rest now. Just enjoy the treatment‘. Oh yes!

Highlight: The skillful and deliberate acupoint massage of the organic facial oil made this an extremely relaxing and therapeutic experience. After the massage, a warm wet and thick towel covered my face. I felt all the stress on my face instantly melt away.

Result: One of the best organic facials I have ever had. My complexion was visibly luminous immediately after the treatment. My skin was firmer, eyes were bigger and complexion was radiant, clean and healthy.

Post treatment with Helen Lien (left)

My skin looked amazing the next day too! To prove the point, here are a couple of candid selfies I took on the train while on my way to morning yoga with about five hours of sleep. No makeup. No photo edit. See how smooth and even-toned my complexion is.

A PAI Organic Facial cost S$160 (75mins) and is exclusively available at Pure Tincture located at The Aldephi, 1 Coleman Street, B1-10, Singapore 179803. For more information on PAI Organic Facials or to book a facial appointment, call +65 6337 6411 or email Helen at

To learn more about Helen Lien, founder of Pure Tincture, read Women Who Launch: Pure Tincture. Or read about Pai’s signature product the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, touted as the most concentrated rosehip oil in the market today.

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Editor's Rating

Comfort of Place 8.0
Overall Experience 9.0
Value for Money 8.5
One of the best organic facials I have had.
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