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Kew Organics (formerly known as Beauté by Kew) is one of the rare hidden gems of boutique organic facial bars in Singapore. Nestled in the quaint heritage neighborhood of Everton Park, just behind Cantonment Police complex at Outram Park, getting there made me nostalgic with early memories of the 1980s. Everton Park is a clean, peaceful and quiet park in front of an old HDB block. In recent years, this charming space of greenery is touted as Singapore’s hipster enclave, littered with indie coffee joints and boutique bakeries.


It is not hard to locate Kew Organics – no typo here; it is officially spelt with a lower case b. Its main facade dons a New York-style dark wooden door frame with a large-panel glass window and door. There is also a comfortable sitting area outside the front door. This same minimalistic NY-styled design concept is noticeable throughout the interior of the place.

front door

front cashie

Kew Organics uses organic skincare cult brands like Black Chicken (from Australia) and Yum Gourmet (from Canada). Staffed with two qualified estheticians, they analyze your skin and offer customized solutions using pure organic products. If you need that extra oomph, they will couple the organic treatments with the latest spa-licensed technology to give that added punch.

Before you start, a warm cup of tea will be served for you in the back room where you need to fill out a skin analysis form. While analyzing my skin, May, my assigned therapist pointed out a small slightly rough patch on my left cheek. I was way impressed! I’ll tell you why. Two months ago  I felt this rough patch on my left cheek. It is not visible to the eye, only to touch. I went to my usual facial therapist but she did not mention of this patch. I left it alone and figured it will disappear on it own.


May recommended I do their organic facial coupled with a DPL (Deep Penetrating Light) pigmentation treatment for my sun spots.

For the organic facial, I chose the Yum Gourmet treatment. Their products are made from the purest of food ingredients. For my pigmentation issue, the DPL treatment uses advanced infrared light therapy technology to get into the deeper layers of the skin to break out melanin buildup and prevent its production.


Food Heaven. This facial uses about 13 Yum Gourmet products. If you are a foodie, you have to try this facial. Every Yum Gourmet product used from Vitamin A Pumpkin Cleanser, Banana Leaf Enzyme Exfoliator to the Nori Mango Butter Mask smelt like fresh food on my face.

fullyumfacial range

yum display

Massage. May spent at least 30 mins massaging my face with a mix of massage cream and facial oil. Apparently, this process is important to any facial because it works the product into the skin while stimulating the skin’s cells and blood flow. My face had a complete work-out. To top off the massage, she brushed on layer of a rich organic mango mask to let it settle and absorb into my skin. Yummy.


Clean and chic space design. The back room  is clean and visually pleasant. The minimalist design concept has every furniture in its own place from the coffee table, sofa chairs to the bookshelf. Toilet is well-lit, modern and clean (big plus!). The facial beds are two by two in two different rooms. Each bed has its own aromatherapy eye pillow.


sitting area

facial room

facial room2

DPL treatment. It was a little scary at first. May slathered a thick layer of gel on my face and started applying a strong and bright pulsating light to the skin. Tip: Make sure your therapist applies the gel thoroughly to your entire face because without the gel, this pulsating light can generate heat to the skin on raw contact. It doesn’t burn but can feel like a juicy red ant bite!

When the session finished, May asked me to feel my left cheek for the dry rough patch. It’s gone! This, she explained, is because the skin is extremely dry. Before becoming a bigger problem like atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis, this area needs extra serum care.

Post-facial status: I have been religiously applying more serum to my rough skin patch. True enough, it has completely disappeared and is all-over smooth again! May was right on the money! It took a total of 3 weeks.

With May Teng, facial therapist

With May Teng, facial therapist

An organic facial starts from $90 per session. Go to Kew Organics to find out more about their beauty bar and treatments available. If you’d like to read more about its founder Lily Kew, read Women Who Launch: Kew Organics.

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Editor's Rating

Comfort of Place 8.5
Quality of Service Rendered 9.0
Overall Experience 9.0
Intensive organic facial treatment that delivered instant results.
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