Review: ILIA Organic Red Lipsticks & Lip Crayon

Organic lippies have turned into a recent obsession of mine. I see the instant difference a splash of lip color makes on dull-looking skin. I especially love the many shades of red against my oriental fair skin.

Unfortunately, most organic lipsticks (or I should say, 100% natural lipsticks made from organic ingredients) run into a common problem of not having enough pigment to deliver a strong color. And there is a reason behind this: To get a rich color, lipstick manufactures use a variety of pigment and dyes. These pigments and dyes contain toxic metals and hormone-altering chemicals. A study by a US Consumer Group in October 2007 found 60% of lipsticks tested to have trace amounts of lead, especially in red lipsticks. Hence, without the use of chemical ingredients, strong pigments are harder to achieve in a 100% natural lipstick.

ILIA’s range of organic lipsticks is proving otherwise. ILIA is a Vancouver-based makeup company that started off with…you guessed it, lipsticks! The philosophy behind the now LA-based brand grew from the curiosity of understanding lipstick ingredients by its founder, Sasha Plasvic. Today, all ILIA creamy lip products are made with up to 85% bioactive and certified organic ingredients.

Going with the red theme, I  choose to review a tinted lip conditioner, a lipstick and a lip pencil. I  even grabbed two girlfriends, Lulu and Stephanie who are airline flight attendants, to help me with this review because they use lipsticks everyday and make the best critics!

Here is what they had to say.

#1. ILIA Beauty Bang Bang (Tinted Lip Conditioner)

Bang lip and box


Best known for: By far the best selling classic red under the ILIA lippy range.
What the girls said: When you first take it out of the box and turn the tube, the red lipstick looks bright and fiery. But once applied, it becomes a much softer red with the slightest orange/pink hue, like an almost ripe cherry. This color of red suits someone with a darker skin tone. This tinted lippie is very moisturizing! It goes on extremely smooth and provides a lot of color. We were surprised that this was classified as a tinted lip conditioner rather than a lipstick because it really felt like 100% lipstick. If you want the color to be more intense, just apply more layers. It was not hard removing this lip conditioner, just a gentle wipe. It does not leave a sticky layer residue that sits on the lips like most lip conditioners do.


#2. ILIA Beauty Femme Fatale (Lipstick)

Femme lip and box


Best known for: One of the best-selling red that is bolder and deep.
What the girls said: This lipstick taste like applying organic oils on your lips! Looking at the box, it is made from a lot of organic oils – castor seed oil, sesame seed oil, jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed oil as its top four ingredients. It is hard to judge this lipstick color just by looking at it because it looks deeper and more intense than Bang Bang; but when applied, it comes out a beautiful classic red that is bold and rich. It most definitely suits a fairer skin complexion. Again, this lipstick is super moisturizing and glides on smoothly. Wiping off was a breeze. When color is removed, the lips still feel like it has lip balm. It does not leave a reddish stain around your lip or mouth area like most other red lipsticks. If you are going for that classic red-stained-lips look, this one is it.

femme fatale lulu

#3. ILIA’s Lipstick Crayon 99 Ballons (Lip Crayon)

lip crayon

Best known for: This is a straight forward classic red lip pencil.
What the girls said: The perfect companion for using with both Bang Bang tinted lip conditioner and Femme Fatale lipstick. Like its name, it goes on like a creamy crayon. The fact that ILIA’s lipsticks and lip conditioners are mainly made with organic oils that do not have a drying effect, it also makes ILIA lipsticks glide on (and glide off) easily. This lip crayon helps to define shape,  even out color tone and seal color on your lips for longer lasting wear.


Overall review

ILIA lip products are, first and foremost, ultra-moisturizing. The colors are brilliant and rich when applied on. There is no guilt when you wear these lipsticks because it does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic materials. It is literally consuming natural oils we find in seeds and fruits. We tested the red lipsticks on drinking straws and surprise! No matter how hard we tried, our ILIA lipsticks barely left a stain.


Steph sidebyside

I ended our review with the ultimate question “Is this a lipstick you can wear for work when you fly?

They synchronously replied “Oh yes!“.




ILIA lipsticks are not cheap costing $47.70 each. But if you compare it to a Chanel lipstick that cost $48, it is priced on par. However, I believe the cost of not consuming toxic chemicals makes ILIA worth a definite go!

A wide range of ILIA lipsticks is sold in Singapore at Pure Tincture, located at The Aldephi, 1 Coleman Street, B1-10 (Nearest MRT: City. If you buy, remember to quote KATJUJU . Pure Tincture will honor your purchase with an exclusive 5% off each lipstick (that’s $2.50 off). Or, if you purchase $180 worth of ILIA makeup products, you will receive a free ILIA lipstick (limited colors).

*A super big thank you to my two girlfriends, Lulu & Stephanie, for being such pretty models & making this happen so effortlessly. Chiobos forever!*

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Why you should consider switching to organic lipsticks? Read Are You Wearing Lipstick or Eating Chemicals?


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