Review: Human Nature 100% Natural Mineral Powder & 100% Natural Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

I’ve always wanted to try mineral make-up. So, when Human Nature Singapore asked me to test their 100% natural mineral powders, I was stoked.

And even more so when I found out that Human Nature is a Filipino social and eco enterprise; one that works with local and organic Filipino farming communities, as well as partners with NGOs to create a sustainable livelihood for the poor. At the same time, Human Nature’s eco-biz principle uses recyclable (PET) and biodegradable packaging. It’s like killing three (not two) birds with one stone. Good for health, community and Mother Earth.

Here’s the thing about mineral make-up: mineral does not equal natural.

You just have to read reports made by and the likes, to know cosmetics that is labelled as mineral can still contain lots of toxic and poisonous heavy metals.

So, if you are looking for a natural make-up alternative, look closer. Go for mineral make-up that further states it is 100% natural, no chemical preservatives, paragons, mineral oil, artificial dyes etc. And – an expiry date. If it’s natural, it’s gotta expire eventually.

100% Natural Mineral Powder

Before even opening the simple salmon-colored box, I already liked the packaging. Just by reading the label, I get a strong sense that this company is 100% serious about being 100% natural.

This pressed powder contains ZERO harmful chemicals and toxic substance. In fact, have a look at the ingredients – the components that are mainly derived from rice, coconuts and vegetables. And because it is natural, the label (on both the box and powder compact) states storage instructions and expiry date.

This pressed powder goes on smooth and lightweight. It gives a nice soft and matte-look absorbing the layer of shine I always get from my moisturizer and SPF. And unless I am going to a dinner party and need a super-matte look, I only have to powder my face once in the morning. Super convenient.

For S$13.90, this powder is seriously value-for-money. I happily give this a 4/5 rating.

This product was listed as one of Kat’s Best Products Reviewed for 2012.

100% Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

Again, the same packaging with essential labeling that depicts a true natural product – storage instructions and expiry date. Made from rice powder, bamboo powder and Vitamin E, this foundation gives a smooth, velvety medium coverage. Normally, I am not one for concealer or foundation. I cannot stand the cakey-look and layered-feeling on my face. So I was super-conscious using this foundation powder.

If you ask me, I would rather go with a spot cream concealer (if I had to), instead of a powder foundation onto my skin. But because this foundation powder was fairly lightweight, I can understand the rave reviews it has gotten. From one glide of the sponge with powder, my dark spots did seem to have faded. It gives good coverage, and does not take much application to get the flawless and matte look. Having said that, this is not a product I would use daily simply because I am not a concealer-wearer.

Priced at S$21.90, these 100% Natural Mineral Powder and 100% Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation are available for purchase online at Human Nature Singapore.

These powders come in many tones. The challenge buying these powders online is that it is difficult to pick the right shade. If in doubt, you can always email them at

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Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 7.5
Does What it Says 7.0
Value for Money 8.0
Good eco-friendly powder makeup alternative. Does not clog pores
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