Review: Tupperware Turbo Chopper

Just as we begin to wind down from the Christmas and New Year holidays, we have to gear up for  Chinese New Year which is only 3 weeks away!

The streets of Chinatown is starting to come alive with bright colours dominated by all shades of red, festooned with another year of copious decorations. Lasting over 15 days, Chinese families visit friends and family to welcome the god of luck. It is during this time that families love cooking up a plethora of traditional Chinese New Year dishes to serve guest such as steamboat or hot pot, Yu Sheng, Luo Han Zhai (Buddha’s delight) and Snow Fungus soup with Gingko & Longan.

These dishes require a lot of time prepping. And this is where I find Tupperware’s Turbo Chopper very useful.

It is basically a mini food processor that does not require electricity to work. The easy pull-string mechanism eliminates the hassle of tedious chopping and dicing. And it chops almost everything from onions, garlic, herbs, cheese, berries, carrots, celery, broccoli, nuts to name a few.

As a Finalist in the prestigious Housewares Design Awards of 2011, this compact and eco-friendly chopper consists of 3 main parts:

1. Cover (with the pull-string handle)
2. Three-blade multi-tired insert
3. Anti-skid base – I like this feature the best. It is one of those innovative design features Tupperware products are known for. Read 5 Reasons to Love Tupperware.

Anti-skid rubber base

How to use the Turbo Chopper:

Step 1: Remove lid.

Step 2: Put ingredients into the chopper. If you are chopping a large onion or vegetable, you need to manually chop the onion in large chunks first before placing into chopper.

Step 3: Close lid firmly with a twist and lay chopper on the countertop.

Step 4: Place one hand on the top and use the other hand to pull the cord handle in fast repeated movements.

Step 5: After 2-3 rapid pulls, shake the chopper container around to redistribute the chopped ingredients. Check the chopped size of the ingredients. You can continue to pull the cord handle to gradually get the size you want. The more times you pull, the smaller the chops.

Step: 6: Open lid and remove blade insert.

Step 7: Transfer chopped ingredients into a container or bowl. Done.

I was surprised how effortless it was to pull the handle. I expected some resistance and rough tugging. But the pull mechanism was extremely smooth and easy.

When you pull the cord handle (in step 4), make sure it is sitting properly on a table top before pulling. This prevents the cord from rubbing against the side of the container, thereby reducing wear and tear. Even so, this product has a lifetime warranty.



Chopping mushrooms was quite a highlight, because I didn’t expect it would cut through the mushrooms’ sponginess well. Instead, it was a breeze. With just a few rapid pulls, the mushrooms were finely (and evenly) diced. I added them to my cream of mushroom can soup! Yum.

As I was experimenting with this chopper and amazed by its ease of use, I started thinking about all the dishes that requires a lot of chopping and dicing like Chinese fried rice, salsa, guacamole – even baby food!  With this chopper, the prep work is no longer a time-consuming affair.

Unfortunately, the blades cannot be placed in the dishwashing machine so be careful when handling them. They are very sharp. All the other parts of the container is dishwasher safe.

No more crying over onions or sticky garlic fingers for me 

Price: S$57

Tupperware is a direct marketing company (no retail outlets) that believes in the one-to-one sales experience. So, to purchase this product you will need to call your local Tupperware agent. Tupperware’s Turbo Chopper is also known by many as the Chop ‘N Prep Chef or the Time Savers Herb Chopper.

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Editor's Rating

Quality 8.0
Ease of Wash & Use 8.0
Value for Money 8.0
Very useful and handy.
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