Review: Spa Organics Australia Electric Oil Vaporizer

Do you enjoy scenting your space with aromatherapy? If so, there is a new aroma gadget that will interest you. It is is convenient, 100% natural and requires no water at all. Just plug and smell.

Spa Organics Australia’s new interesting home fragrance product is the electric vaporizer. Innovated by an Australian couple, this compact vaporizer is revolutionizing the way people use aromatherapy. How so? A normal aroma vaporizer is a device that heats water until it turns to hot steam. For the purpose of aromatherapy and medical inhalation, you will need to add a few drops of essential or medicated oil into the water. The problem is that extreme heat (needed to convert water to steam) sometimes breaks down the therapeutic qualities of the oils used.

With Spa Organics Australia’s electric oil vaporizer, no water is needed. It runs on low temperature and can operate continuously all day long. It can heat either scented soy wax or 100% pure essential oil. Since I have been experimenting with aromatherapy products lately, I wanted to try this for myself.

One of the best ways to experience this vaporizer is with natural soy melts. Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. Spa Organics Australia hand-poured soy melts that come in 5 blends:

Breathe: Eucalyptus & Peppermint. A strong and energizing scent that relaxes nerves and clears nasal congestion.
Comfort: Lavender, White Tea & Gardenia. A botanical scent with a calming effect. Great for before sleep.
Harmony: English Rose & Sandalwood. A delicate floral yet woody scent that is fresh and uplifts the spirit.
Mystic: Cherries, Citrus & Lotus. A gentle, soft and sweet oriental scent.
Uplifting: Lemongrass, Green Tea & Bergamot. A zesty scent that perks up your senses and rejuvenates your day.


These soy wax melts are 100% natural, kosher certified and manufactured under strict FDA standards; free of paraffin, palm wax, beeswax, petroleum, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified material and toxic materials.

Here is my review.

Electric Oil Vaporizer


This is a small, 1-pc ceramic unit simple and sleek in design. The rounded shape without patterned holes or edges make it extremely easy to clean, maintain and move around the house. Being an Australian product, it comes with a Singaporean plug so no adapter required. When switched on and in use, the shallow dish area gets a little warm but the rest of the device is still fairly cool to touch with no open flames.

This vaporizer has a base that is rimmed with a thick, non-slip cork padding. I might sound like a fussy reviewer but, as a user, this is very important. First, you don’t want a heating device with liquid wax to slide around the house when you or your pet, brush up against it. Second, it prevents the base from trapping small sharp particles like sand that have the potential to scratch your table top or marble/parquet flooring.

To use: There is no “on/off” switch. Just plug into a wall socket and turned on (and off) from the main switch.

The great thing about using this electric oil vaporizer is its ease of use. There is no water needed to make this work. Just drop a few drops of essential oil or a block of scented soy wax and watch the block melt into a transparent liquid. I am amazed how gentle, consistent and stable the heating element is. It probably uses very little electricity because I have had this vaporizer on throughout the day and night – sometimes I forget to unplug it or switch off – and there are no lumps, no layered residue and no wax bubbling.

The wax state goes from a solid cube to liquid wax when heat is switched on; to a firm opaque block when heat is switched off and left to cool. The next time I plug in, the firm opaque wax melts into a transparent liquid again. This cycle can go on for many, many times until fragrance is no longer or wax is vaporized.


Alternative: Essential oils can be used with this vaporizer too. Just 5-10 drops of oil, plug in and switch on.

It only takes 1-2 minutes to warm up and you will most definitely smell the aroma in the air. I know because when I first tested this – I did it on a day when my part-time house cleaner was around. I waited to see how long it would take her to notice something in the air. By the time she made a comment, the soy wax had barely started to melt.

Soy Melts


Spa Organics Australia soy melts are extremely long lasting. Their website states 6 cube melts can last 60 hours. That means, 1 cube = 10 hours. I used it every night for an average of 4 hours per night and one cube lasted me almost a month! That works out to 1 cube = 120 hours; compared to the 10 hours estimated by the company. Basically, one cube goes a long…long way.

The soy melts are also very concentrated and gives a fabulous scent throw. If you are familiar with essential oils, one sniff and you will know this is good quality product. It is also important to know what oil scents you like because this device really brings out the word “aroma” in aromatherapy. If you like earthy citrusy scents (like me), Harmony and Uplifting are my favorites.

There are a couple things I would say about these melts.

1. Use half or a quarter of the soy melts to start. Do a trial test based on your usage. I prefer not to use the entire cube. It works best when I use half (or even a quarter) at a time because one cube can last me for several weeks. If you use too much, the scent weakens with numerous rounds of re-heating. So keep the soy melts fresh and only portion out what you need.

2. The task of taking the soy melts out of its packaging can get quite messy.  This is because soy wax is a softer kind of wax. Unlike paraffin or beeswax that can be easily broken or shaved off. So if you are trying to get an individual cube out of the packaging, it can literally melt like butter at your fingertips.

User Tip: Pop the soy melt tray into the freezer for about 3-5 minutes before use. By chilling the wax, it will harden slightly making it easier to cut it out of its cube packaging. Edge out the sides with a butter knife and pop it out like you would with tofu from its packaged tray.

soy melts removal

Spa Organics Australia products are now available in Singapore.

The water-free electric oil vaporizer is $98.80 and available in 3 colors: white, black and blue. It comes with a 2-year guarantee on electrical components. Soy melts are $19.80 per tray. Each tray has 6 cubes. Based on my daily 4-hour nightly use, one tray can last me up to 6 months.

For more information on this electrical oil vaporizer item, soy melts and how to purchase, you can visit their online shop or Facebook page.

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Editor's Rating

Design & Look 9.0
Ease of Handle, Care & Use 9.8
Does What it Says 9.5
Incredibly clean and easy to use. A perfect addition to any home or office.
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