Getting Rid of Old Frying Pans? Buy an Eco-Pan

To throw or not to throw? This is the common question that many people ask about their old cookware. Some say when you can see Teflon flakes in the food you’ve just cooked. Others say when non-stick becomes always-stick.

My old non-stick frying pan and wok bore deep shiny scratches that looked like a cat had used it as a scratching post. The once shiny and smooth non-stick Teflon surface had turned matte with what looked like old rust that needed serious arm muscle to scrub clean.

But I love non-stick pans! It is easy to cook on, easy to clean.

In  general, non-stick coating like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), famously known as Teflon, is stable and non-toxic. However, its chemical stability starts to degrade when subjected to over 260 degree Celsius. This degradation leads to the release of toxic fumes that can affect immune disorder, and cause flu-like symptoms in humans. As a guide, meat is usually fried at 200 to 230 degree Celsius. Certain cooking oils such as refined saffron oil and avocado oil have a high smoke point above 260 degree Celsius. This means that before your oil is heated, PTFE is already degrading and releasing chemical toxins into your food!

To make matters worse, most PTFE products are further coated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It is a key component in producing non-stick and stain resistant surface area. PFOA is a carcinogen, liver toxicant and immune system toxicant.

So, not only is it time to get rid of my old pans, I had to look for non-stick alternatives that is 100% free of PTFE & PFOE.

Back in May, I listed buying an ecopan as a perfect gift for Mother’s Day (Click here). At the time, it seemed like a good suggestion. So I went in search for ecopans available in Singapore. I found a Korean-brand of healthy cookware called Neoflam

Neoflam offers a range of cast iron aluminum cookware with Ecolon non-stick coating. Unlike Teflon PTFE non-stick coating, Ecolon is a ceramic-based coating made mainly of silicon dioxide – a nature material found in rocks and sand. Not only is Ecolon non-toxic for human consumption, but it is also environmentally-friendly.

What I like most about my Neoflam frying pans and wok?

  • 100% free of PTFE & PFOA
  • Emits less CO2 
  • Has a great feel and weight
  • Premium non-stick quality is made from nature’s resources
  • Pan is very quick to heat up
  • Non-stick coating is noticeably thick and of high quality
  • Extremely easy to clean

My Neoflam buy: Wok (left), 28 cm frying pan (left) & 20cm frying pan (center)

Heavy and intricate design of Neoflam frying pans’ base

These great natural eco-friendly pans are not cheap. A Neoflam 28cm frying pan cost $92.90. But the potential health detriment PTFE & PFOE threatens far outweigh the cost difference when compared with a regular Teflon non-stick frying pan.

Neoflam is available in Isetan (Shaw House) and Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City). If you wait for the members’ sale, you may even get 20% off retail price.

This product was listed as one of Kat’s Best Products Reviewed for 2012.
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