5 Reasons to Love Tupperware

One of the biggest Tupperware Carnival (‘Jubilee‘ in Tuppertalk) is now on in Singapore at Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza, from 10th and 11th of November 2012. Not just any brand of plastic food container, this is the mother brand of food containers TUPPERWARE.

My experience with Tupperware is fairly limited. The only Tupperware container I own is an innovative Soup Mug that I bought through a colleague’s aunty. Though expensive for a plastic food container (a whopping $25.80), I use it a lot when I am at work.

I was invited to the Tupperware Eco Living Carnival, and expected to fight my way through crammed crowds of desperate and loud-talking aunties, with their group of aunty-friends, showing each other what they own and giving buying advice.  The scene was not far off from my expected, but the difference was – I really can understand the Tupperware frenzy!

I never thought in a million years I would find a floor space filled with plastic food containers exciting. But it was. The people I met at the carnival did not just love Tupperware, they were passionate about it. And they have good reasons to be that way.

#1. When Plastic Goes Eco
Tupperware’s plastic containers are made from only premium, toxin-free and food-grade materials. In fact, the new Eco Range water bottles are tested and proven to be safe for a lifetime’s reuse. They are designed to be impervious to chemical leaching, even under extreme weather like that of Singapore’s scorching mid-afternoon sun. Gone are the days of wondering how many refills I can have (under any plastic bottle, look for a triangle logo with a number embossed) in my plastic drinking bottle before it starts to release toxic substances in my beverage. At least that’s what my mom taught me.


#2. The Choice of Royals
Early this year, The Observer wrote a delightful article about what the royals eat at home. And it was revealed that Queen Elizabeth favours Tupperware to keep her breakfast cereal fresh.

#3. No Plastic Goes To Waste
FORTUNE listed Tupperware as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies in 2011. And it is well-desevered, at least in my opinion from an eco-friendly standpoint. Not only are they fully committed to back all their products with a lifetime guarantee for a one-to-one exchange, they actually collect back old Tupperware containers (ones returned with wear-and-tear and damaged) and grind them down to powder resin form. This recycling effort enables them to make garbage bins and other plastic items from old Tupperware.

#4. Tupperware is not JUST a plastic container company
About six years ago, Tupperware Corporation dramatically expanded their group brand portfolio. Today, the Tupperware family is made up of a group of eight brands serving the overall needs of women and their household. Apart from Tupperware, there is NaturCare (a wellness line of supplements), NanoNature (a water filtration system using nanotechnology), Nutrimetrics (a skincare beauty line) and more.

#5 Tuppertalk
In the world of Tupperware, women seem to bond by a language I refer to as – Tuppertalk. Tuppertalk is a collection of specially-coined words that only Tupperware people know and use in Tupperware-related conversations. Here are some interesting ones:

a Tupperized kitchen‘ refers to a kitchen that is well-organized and neat, characterized by a collection of plastic storage containers.

Friend-finding‘ refers to the process of going door-to-door to sell Tupperware.

Tupperware People‘ refers to the highly enthusiastic and passionate direct promoters who hold parties to sell Tupperware. After a Tupperware party, they are often seen lugging tons of strange Tuppertoys (another Tuppertalk word for party items). They include outdoor thermometer, bells and whistles, piano telephones, cassette players, tapestry handbags…etc etc. At least in America.

Tupperware Party‘ refers to a social gathering (mainly women ‘aunties’) at which a host will entertain guests, and provide them an opportunity to purchase Tupperware from the host.

If you are crazy about Tupperware, you are not going to want to miss this Tupperware carnival!


Tupperware is a direct-selling company with no retail outlets. To view past Tupperware catalogues (up to November 2012), click here. For the latest catalogue and to purchase Tupperware, you will need to contact an authorised consultant, or Tupperware Business Centre near you.

In Singapore
West Coast: 9368 5252
Tampines: 6789 8133
Toa Payoh: 9633 5008
Woodlands: 9271 1406
Yishun: 9781 6521

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