Review: Warbotanicals Moroccan Rose Shampoo & Conditioner

When it comes to washing hair, pick up any shampoo bottle and I guarantee you will find sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, listed high on the ingredients list. SLS is a cheap chemical agent that gives shampoo that nice thick foamy lather we all love. The sad fact is SLS is highly toxic. It is not just found in shampoos but is a common ingredient used in laundry and floor scrubbing detergents as well!

In today’s green marketplace, consumers are looking for low sulfate or sulfate-free shampoos. I am glad to have found the Moroccan Rose Shampoo and Conditioner by Aussie brand, Warbotanicals.

Made with natural oils like argan, jojoba, basil and rose damask, both shampoo and conditioner are designed to penetrate the pores of the scalp, nourish hair from roots to tip and restore elasticity and shine. I recently colored my hair and decided to try this bundle set to replenish any dryness and hair damage I might have lost.

My take on Moroccan Rose Shampoo: The light-scented rose and basil mix makes for an interesting sweet floral scent that is rather soothing and calming. With every use, you need to give the bottle a gentle squeeze to get the shampoo out because it comes in a firm gel texture. Don’t expect a watery pour. The consistency is similar to aloe vera gel. I love this shampoo because despite its sulfate-free composition, it lathers very well! It gives a good deep cleanse without any sign of irritation. Hair is so clean, it squeaks.

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My take on Moroccan Rose Conditioner: After shampoo, I highly recommend following up with a conditioner because when hair is too clean (as in this case), it can come off as dry and stringy. I am also very particular with hair conditioners. I have found they are either too waxy and weigh hair down or super lightweight and melt away once applied. With this conditioner, it instantly gave a soft feel to my wet hair. Once my hair is dried, it feels clean and bouncy. It also as a subtle hint of rose that is gentle to the nose.

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I do love this set. There is no hint of damage or weakening from my recent hair coloring treatment. On the contrary, my hair feels strong and resilient.

The Moroccan Rose Shampoo and Conditioner retail at $23 each per 250ml bottle. But if you purchase online, there is an offer to purchase both Moroccan Rose Shampoo & Conditioner as a bundle deal for $36 (instead of $46). This is a Great Singapore Sale promotion that ends on 30 June 2015. If you are looking for a shampoo+conditioner set, this is a good time to get this deal.


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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 7.5
Does What it Says 8.5
Bang for Your Buck 8.0
A SLS-free shampoo that cleans and conditions well!
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