Review: O’Right Recoffee Hair Oil

The novel concept of an ecological line of hair care products containing natural ingredients with a main focus on coffee oil was launched a year ago by (Read O’Right Launches Recoffee Hair Products). The creative people at O’Right discovered that antioxidants from coffee beans can slow down the aging process for hair scalp and hair. So, they started a program of collecting used coffee bean sediments and coffee grounds from neighborhood cafes (that would otherwise be thrown away) and putting them through an extraction process to get coffee oil.

Bear in mind, I am not a coffee drinker and not a fan of coffee-flavored anything (Vietnamese iced coffee with loads of condense milk and coffee-flavored ice-cream are the only exceptions). The bitter aroma of a strong brew coffee gives me a headache; hence the idea of using a coffee-scented hair product was not exactly a riveting thought.

But I recently permed my hair and needed a hair oil to calm post-perm frizziness.

O’Right Recoffee Hair Oil is formulated with 100% recycled coffee grounds and organic silicone to mend dry and damaged ends whilst giving hair a protective membrane layer and high sheen qualities.

How to use: Apply on towel-dried hair and spread evenly throughout the hair and scalp. For me, two pumps was enough for my just over-the-shoulder hair length which I applied mainly to the ends.

Yes, this oil does smell like coffee but it was not overpowering. The coffee scent dissipates once it is spread on hair. For coffee lovers, this would probably be quite a heavenly experience. What I did like most about this hair oil is that it had an instant calming effect on frizziness without weighing down on the hair.



Look at my curls! Even with the hair oil applied on, they are still bouncy and non-frizzy. The organic silicone formulation is ultralight and super easy to wash off without waxy, greasy residue left on your hands.

This Reccoffee Hair Oil bottle is a special edition made from recycled coffee grounds and 100% biodegradable material called Tree-in-the-bottle. The idea behind this award-winning packaging is that after the hair oil is used up, the bottle can be buried in soil and with the proper environment, will breakdown and release the seeds to sprout into a coffee plant. Seriously, how cool is that?!

main bottle

expiry date

Every Recoffee Hair Oil box packaging comes with a clearly printed expiry date on the bottom, though it is so difficult to see against the dark background ;(

Being one of the world’s most environmentally conscious and eco-friendly companies, O’Right is once again on the path of creating products from recycled and reused material. I am so happy I tried O’Right Recoffee Hair Oil and it has become an everyday must-have (including O’Right Free Mind Mud – another of my all-time favorites!).

To get a better understanding of how such an innovative product is produced, here is an illustrated life cycle chart of the making of O’Right Recoffee hair products.


The hair oil retails for $48 per bottle and available at all Organic Hair Professional Singapore salons:

Orchard Central #03-15
Paya Lebar Square #01-20
One@Kentridge #04-04
112 Katong #03-21
376 River Valley Road #01-01
68 Circular Road #01-01
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-14
204 Hougang Street 21 #01-97

Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 9.0
Packaging 8.0
Does What It Says 9.0
One of the best hair oils. Highly suited for permed and damaged hair.
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