Review: Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Botanical Cream

This is the biggest waste of money‘ says the latest reviewer on, dated July 19 2012.  (Read other reviews here). I agree!

I have always wanted to try PHYTO Hair Care products. PHYTO is the brand creation by Mr. Patrick Ales, one of Paris’s legendary hairstylists.

Famously known for its highly-concentrated active botanical ingredients, PHYTO products have no or minimal water added and no parabens. It has been said that one of its best-seller, Phytopolleine is comprised of 100% essential oil and over 4 lbs of fresh plant per 0.84 fl.oz!

Seeing that the ends of my hair is beginning to fray from dryness, I decided to pick up a tube of PHYTO 9 – Daily Ultra Nourishing Botanical Cream. Having won ‘Best Hair Repair’ beauty award by Harper’s Bazzaar in 2008, this small hair repair tube does not come cheap. For a small 1.7 fl. oz tube, it cost over $20.

To cut to the chase, this product was such a major letdown.

As an award-winning item, I could not believe my experience. I applied the cream to my toweled-dry hair, especially the ends (as instructed on the package) and proceeded with my usual blow-dry. After blow-drying my hair, the hair end tangles!

My hair did not look any better with or without the cream – though it felt worse with the tangles.

I read and re-read the instructions many times in dismay, hoping to find a step or instruction that I might have missed.

I would summarize this short review on this product with two words: utter disappointment.

And if I could get my money back for this purchase, I would!

Editor's Rating

Yawn. Big waste of money.
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