Review: O’Right Free Mind Mud

This is the best hair mud I have ever used. And it is an eco-friendly green product!

With my limp and straight Asian hair, my hair is always cut in layers to give that extra natural lift and body. Unfortunately, it only takes a few weeks of regrowth before my crowning glory starts to flatten on my head like a helmet. Hence, I cannot go anywhere with product.

I have spent lots of money on hair volumizing sprays, texturizing muds, body sculpting clays and root-lifting sea salt sprays. Even dry shampoo that promises to give that beach messy wind-blown look. Some are pretty okay, and some are simply useless. Point to note that none of them were eco-friendly made either.

The problem is that there is usually a compromise. If the product does the job (to give body), it usually comes in a super thick, gooey and utlra-sticky consistency. After all, the hair needs to stick together to give that volume and body, right? And I can’t stand the feeling of sticky fingers after application, especially if it’s hard to wash off – even with hand soap.

After many attempts, I found O’right Free Mind Mud.

O’right is a Taiwanese brand that focuses on green and eco-friendly haircare and bodycare products. 你好!. They incorporated the global green concept of business into their products, ingredients, product design and packaging. O’right devotes itself to reduce carbon emissions by using only natural and certified organic ingredients, soy ink printing, and biodegradable and recycled bottles amongst many other green corporate practices to ensure a sustainable global future.

Apart from its eco-friendliness, this green hair product is amazingly effective – even without all the usual harmful  chemicals and alcohol found in most hair care products. Here is my review of its Free Mind Mud hair mud.

Without really knowing the brand, what sold me were a few pointers on the box packaging. First, the box paper comes from responsible sources and printed with soy ink. Also, there is a liner that states that product is manufactured by using clean energy of both solar and wind power. This already sounds like something worth supporting! When I opened the box, there was an interesting seed paper attached to the box lid. Every box contains a piece of seed paper and instructions to water the paper and bury it into soil. Over time, the seeds will come alive – sprout and grow.

solar-power seed-paper

My seed paper has 3 seeds embedded in it. While I thought this is a smart marketing tact, I love the educational aspect of it. Immediately, you get the sense that this company is serious about being green.

There isn’t anything about Free Mind Mud that I don’t love.

    • Super pleasant citrus smell
    • Gives hair instant body boost and texture
    • Paste is not too sticky yet it really holds
    • Extremely flexible to work through hair with fingers – no stiffness!
    • Easy to rinse off hands
    • Long-lasting effect – I never needed to retouch or add more product after my first application
    • Retains and memorizes hair style – even after you have your hair in a ponytail or exercise.
    • Shows off my long layers extremely well

From the ingredients list, it is free from the usual harmful suspects like parabens, silicones and propylene glycol. Instead, you’ll find beeswax, coconut oil (cocos nucifera oil) and carnauba wax. Yes, there seems a lot of wax. But funnily, my hair does not go flat and weighed down.

mud-close-up mud-on-hand

If you like the long layered, tousled hair look, you need to get this hair mud. Most hair mud and clay products are often marketed for sculpturing short hair and give texture. I found Free Mind Mud works perfect with long hair as well.

BEFORE. This is me before Free Mind Mud. Look at my naturally flat helmet-forming hair with no visible layers or textures.Super unflattering.


AFTER. Two minutes later. This is me with Free Mind Mud. Look at my layers and hair body all over my head – from roots to ends.


O’Right Free Mind Mud is also highly recommended on TVBS-G Taiwan’s variety show “女人我最大”. You can watch their dramatic video demonstration here. The video is in Mandarin, but even if you don’t know Mandarin, just watch how they create a hair volumizing style with Free Mind Mud.

Retail price: S$34 per 50ml tub

I bought mine in a boutique hair salon called Organic Hair Professionals. They have outlets in the following locations:

Orchard Central #03-15
Paya Lebar Square #01-20
One@Kentridge #04-04
112 Katong #03-21
376 River Valley Road #01-01
68 Circular Road #01-01
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-14
204 Hougang Street 21 #01-97

Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 9.0
Ease of Use 9.0
Packaging 8.0
One of the best hair textured mud ever. And it's so eco-friendly!
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