Review: Naturelle d’orient 100% Organic Argan Oil

Fast becoming one of the latest miracles in the beauty industry, Argan oil is internationally marketed as ‘liquid gold‘. Apart from its bright golden color, this oil is naturally rich with nutrients and anti-oxidants with multi-purpose benefits for hair, skin and nails. To read more about how Argan oil is harvested (by the goats and women of Morocco), click here to Turning Back Time In A Nutshell

Super rich in antioxidants (Vitamin E and polyphenols), Omega 6 fatty acids (linoleic acid) and Omega 9, this oil is described as regenerative, restorative and age-defying.

Moroccan women slather this liquid gold on their skin, hair, nails and believe it or not, their babies. They also eat it by drizzling this oil as salad dressing and on couscous. It is no wonder that according to research by Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland (the world’s most exclusive anti-aging clinic and research facility), Arab women have the healthiest, youngest looking skin in the world.

Argan oil – For hair
The fatty acids of Omega 3 and Omega 9 can easily penetrate the hair shaft, and repair broken and weak hair follicles. It is also able to fight dandruff and problems related to hair loss.

Argan oil – For skin
The regenerative and nourishing properties of this oil helps improve skin elasticity and appearance. Its super anti-oxidant compounds fight against environmental radicals, and prevent signs of early aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and loose saggy skin.

Argan oil – For nails
Split no more! While I have not tried this, but I have been told that Argan oil is great for women with soft and brittle nails. Natural minerals and nutrients of this oil moisturize, strengthen and protect the nails.

Due to the growing popularity of Argan oil, there are a lot of Argan oil companies in the market. Only a few are authentic and really works! It is relatively expensive due to the limited supply and intensive labor. So, do not be misled by price alone. Make sure it is certified 100% pure and organic, and always check its expiration date ♥

Thanks to the friendly folks at My Life Store (an online beauty store based in Singapore), I was asked to try their Naturelle d’Orient’s 100% pure Argan oil on my hair for a month. This is my review.

Amazingly light. Not what I had expected. It does not have the oily ‘heaviness’ like olive and coconut oil for the hair. My hair still retained some bounce and body – which is surprising for my limp and straight hair. But you’re still gonna need product in your hair for styling purposes. The other good thing is that there is no trace of any scent. Unlike my use of coconut oil for hair in the past, I would smell like a coconut head. For those of you who have used coconut oil for hair, you know what I mean!

I put a drop (you need only A LITTLE, seriously!) onto the palm of my hands, rub them together to warm up the oil, and finger comb the oil through my hair ends. After, I don’t have the need to wash the oil off my hands as it is immediately absorbed into the skin and hair within seconds.

After a month’s use, my hair is noticeable softer and healthier looking. And there is no walking around with flat hair that sticks to my forehead or the side of my face. Definitely recommended for dry and brittle hair!

As for Argan oil on the face…well, I tried it once and it didn’t work well on me. I applied it like a serum, and got a pimple the next day ;( Perhaps too rich for my skin type (which is combination and sensitive).

Only one thing to note…
For me, the only setback is the packaging. It comes in a clear, glass bottle. First, it’s not convenient because I’m afraid of dropping or breaking it. And second, it’s an organic product so it may degrade with prolong light exposure. Best advise: Keep it at home in a usual spot, and in a covered shelf or drawer.

The price of this 50ml bottle is $69. It seems expensive. However, if you consider its multi-purpose use and noticeable difference it makes, it justifies its value. Furthermore, it lasts forever because you only use it sparingly on your hair, face and skin. 

BUT…there’s good news. From now until the next two weeks, all KAT JUJU readers can purchase a bottle at a special price of $49 for 50ml (usual $69) + bonus extra 8ml!

To purchase with this special price, follow 5 easy steps!

1. Click here to go to the website link
2. Add product to cart.

3. Once finished with shopping, go to cart

4. Enter promo code KATARGAN at shopping cart summary page
5. Continue with checkout

Your road to shiny healthy hair and skin begins with using only the best, organic products from nature. It does not get purer than this. Happy shopping!

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Editor's Rating

Packaging 5.5
Absorbancy 7.5
Does What it Says 7.5
Versatile and lightweight oil packed with nutrients. Too bad about the glass packaging.
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