Review: Korres Achillea Conditioner

It has taken me a while to write a review on Korres’s Achillea hair conditioner, because I am simply cannot decided on how I feel about it.

I got this Korres Achillea hair milk conditioner some time back when I noticed my hair appearance seemed dull and limp.

Achillea is a group of 85 flowering plants commonly referred to as yarrow. The yarrow plant is mainly found in Europe, and typically have frilly, hairy and aromatic leaves. Known for its healing and astringent properties, yarrow also have moisturizing and protective benefits that some skin and hair care manufacturers have discovered, and incorporated into their products.

While Achillea extract revitalizes and softens the hair; Provitamin B5 is added to penetrate into the hair shaft. This helps to reduce the rate of hair splitting, and provide longer lasting hydration.

My take?
1. Texture is too watery, when compared to other conditioners
2. Upon application, I do not feel anything. This is compared to the slather of instant silkiness of other conditioners

Apart from its pleasantly light vanilla floral scent that lingers on throughout the day, I liked nothing else about it. Initially.

I am most displeased when the hair was dry after using the conditioner. My hair felt heavy and somewhat ‘dirty‘.

How do I explain ‘dirty’? Don’t get me wrong. The hair is clean and conditioned. It is just the ‘feeling’ of dirty hair. The best way I can describe it is – imagine being at the beach on a hot sunny day with salt water breeze and sunscreen on. Add in a game of beach volleyball. Now, the combination of salt, sweat and oil (mixed from scalp and sunscreen) gives hair that thick-ish, heavy-weighted feel – this is kinda what Korres’s Achillea’s hair conditioner leaves my hair feeling when dry.

Instead of wasting the bottle, I continued to use the conditioner for a month. Slowly, I did notice my hair getting shinier and more full-bodied. This made a noticeable difference to my normally limp and fine hair. The ‘dirty‘ hair feeling still takes some getting use to. But for now, I am glad I have a bit of natural lift, some call it bounce, to my hair without using product. So…while it may feel dirty (and only I would know that), it wears and looks good.

With 93.7% natural content, this milk conditioner comes with an expiry date!

Would I buy this again? *long pause* I am still….undecided. But everyday, the scale inches towards yes a little more.

The real question is if I would go back to normal conditioners. I have to admit that while I love the silky smoothness of my hair when slathered with conditioner under running water, the Pantene-like softness does weigh my hair down (taking all life away) when it is dry.

And with my round-shaped face, that is not a good thing.

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Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 4.5
Does What it Says 5.5
Scent 6.0
Too watery. No noticeable difference.
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