Review: Human+Kind Shampoo+Bodywash & Conditioner

This is probably one of the best shampoo+bodywash and conditioner combinations I have tried. Perfect for people on the go. Last week, I went on a short weekend shopping holiday with my girlfriends. I grabbed this attractive pair and added them to my toiletries bag – for this review. Made in the EU, Human+Kind creates gentle skincare products that are multi-functional and price conscious. Their products are blended with natural ingredients and made with no petrochemicals, no animal testing, paraben free and SLS free.

Human+Kind Shampoo+Bodywash is 99.6% natural and specially formulated for people with sensitive skin, hair and scalp. Its natural ingredients of aloe vera, marshmallow root and calendula flower extract are known to soothe and comfort dry and irritated hair and skin.

Result: I love this 2in1 shampoo + body wash. Besides its functional practicality, this clear gel shampoo really does the job.  Being labelled as Apple & Herbs, this does have a strong yet pleasant botanical and fruity scent. It lathers well and does not leave my skin dry after wash. It is lightweight and leaves a refreshing scent behind. My hair feels clean and fresh. Sidenote: One of my girlfriends, who also tried the shampoo, felt it did not lather enough for her. Personally, this shampoo lathered very well for me. Look at my hand in this photo. It was taken right after I added a little water and rubbed my hands together.

Okay, so don’t expect a head full of bubbles or anything like that. It is not how shampoos made with natural ingredients work. What makes shampoo bubble up anyway? Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (“sulfates” or “SLS” for short) are two main ingredients used by manufacturers to make shampoos, conditioners, cleansers and soaps foam and bubble. Unfortunately, they are also the most dangerous to our health. Sulfates can cause severe skin irritation and are clinically proven as carincogens (which are directly linked to cancer development). Remember? Human+Kind products are free of SLS.

Human+Kind Conditioner is, again, 99.6% natural and formulated for people with sensitive hair and scalp. Its main ingredients of aloe vera, grape seed oil, cotton seed oil, cucumber seed oil, sunflower seed oil and marigold flower oil help smooth, condition and strengthen hair.

Result: This is a great pairing to the above – Human+Kind Shampoo+Bodywash. The scent is amazingly similar to the shampoo. This cream conditioner moisturised my hair, helped detangle knots and did not weigh hair down like most conditioners do. I also love the soft, matte plastic tube packaging; it makes handling these products very easy. Human+Kind’s signature pattern packaging is also attractive. Personally, this simple, no-nonsense pair have found their space in my go-to travel toiletries bag.

This shampoo+bodywash retails for S$25 per tube and is vailable at Superberry@Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #03-29, or simply shop online at

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Editor's Rating

Packaging 8.0
Does What It Says It Does 9.0
Bang for Your Buck 8.5
Functional and practical. Soft lite tube packaging. Lathers well and smells amazing.
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