Hipwidth, Australian yoga apparel, is now in Singapore

For many years I have been a loyal Lululemon fan. No other yoga apparel brand ever came close. Until almost a year ago when I tried on a pair of Hipwidth yoga pants, also known as Callie Capri.

Oh my god. These pants are super comfy and fit snug without digging into my skin, or slipping off my hips – even after two consecutive classes of weekend hot yoga.

I never thought I would have anything negative to say about my Lulus. But compared to Hipwidth Callie Capri pants, some Luluemon bottoms do seem thicker in fabric material. While the fabric thickness is great for use in cooler and dry climates like Australia, Canada and the US, it can make for stuffy wear in Singapore’s humidity. And for this reason, I love my Callie Capri.

Hipwidth is an Australian yoga apparel brand created by Malvina Risby; the 26-year old founder of Hom Yoga studios. Key awesome pointers about Hipwidth yoga apparels are:

  • Sweat shop free
  • Focus on functionality, fabric technology and contemporary design
  • Available in a wide selection of colours 

While most other yoga apparel brands are made with fashionable designs and use advance fabric breathable technology, I love Hipwidth’s commitment to support sweat shop free manufacturing.

I had a short interview with Malvina asking her for the back story of going sweat shop free.

[Kat] Why is the sweat shop free philosophy important to you?

[Malvina] I felt it was absolutely essential that all our clothes are made in an ethical fashion, and in an environment where people are treated with respect and rewarded fairly.

[Kat] Was it a challenging experience to find a sweat shop free factory to produce your apparel line? And why did you choose Australia?

[Malvina] Definitely a challenging journey! We started off looking at obvious manufacturing choices like China and India. But as I started speaking to more people in the fashion and retail industry here in Australia, I knew immediately that this was where I wanted Hipwidth clothes to be made. It felt right for the business, our values and what we wanted to create.

[Kat] What is the cost differential between choosing a sweat shop factory and a non-sweat shop factory?

[Malvina] Massive! It can vary anywhere between making things from half to one fifth of the price when you produce in sweat shops versus non sweat shops. I read about a statistical study online recently. It showed the salary of a sweatshop worker would only increase the cost of an item by 1.8%, whilst most people are happy to pay 15% more when they know that a product didn’t come from a sweat shop. Isn’t that interesting?

[Kat] Have you personally visited the non-sweat shop factories?

[Malvina] Yes. I have visited our chosen apparel makers. They never look worn down or tired. In fact, sometimes when I leave the factory at 6pm, I see the ladies leaving at the same time with me! During lunch, they would sit around the kitchen table, heat up their lunches and have nice, relaxing lunch conversations. It feels so good knowing our clothes come from a place of positivity, mutual respect and love.

Quality is what you will notice immediately with Hipwidth. Just look at the inside stitching.

Here are the 4 signature pieces Hipwidth offers.

#1: Callie Capri (3/4-length yoga pants)
This is an investment piece (and my personal favourite!) Built with a wider and higher waistband, the Callie Capri is constructed with a moisture wicking four-way stretch fabric that pulls moisture from the skin, and fitted with a breathable gusset. Available in eight colors: black, white, carbon, marine, royal blue, lilac, fuchsia and aqua.

#2: Mally Tank (tank top)
Another classic investment piece. This skinny racer-back is designed with an intentional longer length to avoid “belly slip”. Made with zelcon and moisture wicking technology, this versatile tank top fits snug and comfy; and even goes well with jeans or shorts for casual wear. It is available in eight colours including shades of bubble gum (super cuteness!).

#3: Lyla Shorts (hot yoga shorts)
Not too long and not too short. The length of these shorts are designed specially for hot yoga fanatics in mind. Available in an assortment of colors.

#4: Bessy Bra (sports bra)
Styled with the classic Y-cut, this sports/yoga bra has form, fit and function. The inner lining of the bra top has a soft mashed centre to allow for greater breathability between the bosom.

I have been using my Hipwidth Callie Capri for almost a year now and they still look brand new. The fabric is super easy for washing in the machine (preferable to place inside a laundry net) and for quick drying.

Retail price:
Callie Capri ($99)
Mally Tank ($59)
Lyla Shorts ($59)
Bessy Bra ($59)
*Please note that the above pricing is in Australian dollars (AUD).

Hipwidth is now available in Singapore, at the following outlets:
Hom Yoga Singapore
Kate Porter Yoga
Updog Studio
Platinum Yoga

For more information on Hipwidth, check out their Australian online store.

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