Review: Cote&Ciel Eco Yarn Fabric Pouch for iPads

I am so happy to tell you that Christmas came early for me this year ♥ Not only did I get my first Christmas present (and it’s not even December yet), thanks to my Dad…I got the new iPad 4!

Even more fun is that I get to go iPad accessories shopping! Armed with a credit card and my new toy, I eagerly went downtown and hit the shops. It ended up being four frustrating hours of indecision from too much choice.

You see…I’m really fussy. With everything. My ideal iPad pouch is to be something esthetically elegant, ultra slim, simple in design (no dangling zipper tags and diamond-studded buttons), lightweight, dirt and water resistant (because I can be quite rough with my gadgets), long lasting and…an eco-friendly product.

In the end, I found it all with Cote&Ciel. The fabric of this pouch is actually made from used and recycled plastic containers!

Made in Paris, Cote&Ciel is a technologically creative brand that develops innovative lifestyle solutions using eco-friendly material, and guarantees durable and sustainable products. For me, I love their eco yarn fabric pouch.

A streamlined and fuss-free design with a hardy and padded feel. All of which does not come as a bulky and chunky protective solution for the iPad. It is sleek and modern. There are two pockets – one for the iPad and another for peripherals or stationary.

My iPad fits snugly into the pouch like a glove. And it is super slim. Easy to carry around in hand, or in a handbag!

Best of all? It is water repellent. Or, some would call it splash resistant. This is thanks primarily to the material it is made from – Eco Yarn; a hard-wearing material developed through eco-friendly processes, saving precious resources (by using recycled products such as plastic bottles and containers) and reducing biological footprint.

This fabulous lightweight fabric pouch comes in four shades of grey. Mine is 3rd darkest of the lot – Black Melange.

I bought this from Nimbus, 501 Orchard Road #02-10 Wheelock Place for S$69.

Happy Christmas shopping

Editor's Rating

Quality 8.5
Design 8.0
Bang for Your Buck 7.0
Quality eco-cover for your iPad.
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