5 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

Historically, bamboo textiles were used as structural elements in European fashion such as corsets and bustles. Advanced technology has found a way to create versatility in the use of this natural botanical textile.

Found mostly in Asia, there are over 1600 species of bamboo. The type of bamboo species used for clothing is called Moso bamboo.

Today, bamboo as a raw material is the ecological choice alternative in the world of fashion textiles. From clothing, scarves, hats, cushion covers, bedsheets, table linen, baby wear, handbags and even underwear.


Due to its dense forest, bamboos effectively clean the air by releasing 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees. As fast growing plants, they are also extremely sustainable being able to grow in diverse climates from hot tropical areas to cool mountain regions (they are known to survive drought and flood conditions).

Bamboos require less energy and water to grow than other similar trees and plants used in fiber production, making them extremely low maintenance. No pesticides needed. Bamboo has its own natural anti-bacterial properties that allows it to grow without the use of pesticides and chemicals. And unlike synthetic fibers that contains petroleum-based additives, bamboo textile is 100% biodegradable, and safe for landfills and incineration. This makes bamboo textiles 100% biodegradable.

Now that we know we can support the environment by our textile of choice, here are 5 benefits of buying and wearing bamboo clothing:

Benefit #1: Crazy soft
Bamboo clothing is extremely soft. Softer than the softest cotton. It feels like cashmere without the wooly bits, airy like cotton without the heavy weight, and soft like silk without the flimsy-ness.

Benefit #2: Natural anti-microbial agent
Bamboo fabric has a natural anti-microbial agent called kun. Kun prevents bacteria from growing on it. This helps to keep your clothes (and you) odor-free. Great for sportswear purposes.

Benefit #3: Natural anti-allergen
Bamboo’s organic and naturally smooth fiber properties do not irritate human skin. Given proper green manufacturing process used, bamboo is ideal for people with sensitive skin, allergies and dermatitis.

Benefit #4: Super porous
Bamboo fiber is very porous making bamboo clothing extremely breathable. Did you know that bamboo fiber is 4x more absorbent than cotton? Bamboo fibers have micro-holes that have super absorption capabilities as well. And because bamboo is a plant that adapts well in its environment, it has excellent wicking properties that helps to regulate thermal temperatures – keeping the body warm in cooler temperatures and cool in warmer temperatures.

Benefit #5: Natural UV protection
Bamboo fibers have natural UV resistant blockers that protect your skin against harmful UV rays.

These days, modern bamboo clothing is made from 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. Depending on the type of clothing made, bamboo can also be blended with hemp and even spandex.

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