Review: Warbotanicals Organic Lavender Face Cream

Lavender fans are going to love this organic lavender face cream. When I was first asked to review this moisturizer, I was hesitant because I don’t do well with creams. With my dry and sensitive skin, I am a gel or lotion kind of girl. Creams tend to clog my pores causing me to breakout.

But I love, love, love lavender. How to resist?

Warbotanicals is an Australian skincare company that handmakes all their products from Yarra Valley, a famous wine region in located east of Melbourne. This region is known for its cool climate that produces some of the world’s best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

I will admit: it was my husband who got me into this face cream. The back story is that my husband is an airline pilot and regularly gets a few days stay in countries with cooler, drier climates like Australia, China and Japan. During those stop-overs, he gets very dry skin, especially under his beard area where he needs to shave regularly. After trying two moisturizers I gave him, he was not satisfied. I finally handed him this organic lavender face cream.

jar open

I remember the first time he tried it. He held the jar up in the air, looked at me with a big satisfied grin and said “Yup. This is the one.”

His enthusiastic response sparked my curiosity. And here is my review.

When you open the jar and smell the cream, it has a pure and fine lavender scent blended with organic neroli that really hits the right note. I love the aroma so much that I find myself opening the jar several times in the day just to smell the cream.

The texture of the cream is smooth and consistency is – just right. Not too thick and creamy, yet not too thin that it soaks right into the skin with nothing left on the surface. It takes about 2-3 minutes for most of the cream to absorb, leaving a very thin moisturized sheen on the skin’s surface. My complexion actually looks healthy, not shiny.


This moisturizer is good for both day and night use. Personally, I like to mix my moisturizer with a drop or two of facial oil to give it that extra boost. However, this moisturizer is cream-based and I figured by adding facial oil would make the consistency too thick and oily. Wrong! On the contrary, adding a drop or two of facial oil worked great. Instead of making the cream too oily or thick, it blended well and absorbed into skin without clogging my pores.

I also love that this natural face cream is handmade, and 100% free of nasties like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and synthetic fragrances. It also comes with an “use by”, “batch” date for reference on product freshness and security seal on all new bottles.



security seal

Since the review, I have been wrestling with my husband to share this with me. Unfortunately, it has found a permanent space in his work toiletries flight bag. A face cream that even a pilot (who does not exfoliate or mask his face because that’s just girly stuff & calls his wrinkles laugh lines – who are we kidding?) cannot do without.

The best part about this face cream is its affordability. For a 60g jar of organic lavender face moisturizer, it cost $30 – compared to the hundreds we spend at branded skincare counters. You can buy this face cream at their online store (based in Singapore), click here. It is seriously worth getting.

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Warbotanicals products I reviewed in the past and still use are Warbotanicals: Pooch Wash and  Warbotanicals: Moroccan Rose Shampoo & Conditioner.

Latest update: A week after my review, I found this hilarious & super sweet delivery in my mailbox. A new jar of Warbotanicals’ organic lavender face moisturizer, bubble-wrapped with an awesome card – to appease both my husband and I. The next day, my husband sends me a text message. He is obviously still in awe! Big thank you to the wonderful folks at Purist Marketing, for distributing and making Warbotanicals available in Singapore!



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One of the best organic face creams for 2015. Enuff said!
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