Review: Sukin Facial Scrub

I first noticed Sukin, an Australian natural skincare brand, on my many trips to Watson’s. It is affordable and have gained quite a presence on the shelves with its growing range of skincare products.

So, I bought the facial scrub (S$14.90) and gave it a try.

It is described to be a gentle creamy treatment that promotes healthy skin circulation leaving the skin smooth and radiant. The scrub is made with aloe vera, rosehip oil and German chamomile to soothe and relax the skin, while bamboo extract and ground walnut shells exfoliate dirt and lift impurities.

My take? I feel its creamy texture tends to be a little too watery and leaves a layer of oil of my face after rinsing. Only after drying off my face, I no longer feel the layer of oil. My complexion does feel smoother. However, the grounded bits of walnut shells feel a little too rough and a little too scarce (in quantity per usage) for my liking. Sometimes when I’m in a rush and scrub a little too hard, I get a temporary reddish raw-scrubbed look.

Personally, I prefer the squeaky refreshing feeling after a facial scrub because of my combination/oily and sensitive skin.

Since I have been using it everyday for three months, I do feel my complexion is clearer and smoother. But my facial therapist has noticed more white and blackheads on my skin, particularly around the nose and chin area – resulting in a longer time (and more painful) period of extraction during my facial session.

PROS: Value-for-money. Good basic cream scrub (I believe more suited for people with dry skin).
CONS: Leaves a thin layer of cream/oil that gets absorbed into the skin when pat dry. May not be suitable sensitive skin as the grounded walnuts shells can feel quite rough.

Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 5.0
Value for Money 6.0
Won't even buy it on sale.
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