Review: Skincode Sun Protection Face Lotion SPF 50+

I am always in search for a great face SPF. One that is made from natural ingredients, offers high and broad spectrum protection (no less than 30+ UVA/UVB), and does not sit like a thick oily layer on the skin. With those criteria in mind, let’s get started.

I attended this Swiss-based beauty brand’s blogger event a month ago and saw the Skincode Sun Protection Face Lotion SPF 50+. Here is the review.

This oil-free SPF lotion provides high and broad spectrum defense against sunburn, oxidative damage and skin irritations. Aside from being packed with Provitamin B (Panthenol) and vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetat), its 2 important ingredients are CM-Glucan and vitamin C.

What is CM-Glucan? A water soluble derivative from natural baker’s yeast with immune stimulating properties. Combined with vitamin C, it further strengthens the product’s antioxidant power to defend against sun damage.

While this is not a full-on natural product so to speak (it does contain propylene glycol), it is a dermatological product that contains natural extracts (like vanilla fruit extract) and biotech ingredients developed for even the most sensitive skin. It is 100% free of parabens, fragrance, color and animal derivatives.

I have tried this product over a couple of weeks and had no skin problems. It did not clog my pores. There is no distinct scent and the product blended well under my make-up. This sunblock is also said to be water and perspiration resistant.

Here is a photo of me wearing this SPF under my makeup about 5 hours later – no powder touchup since this morning. You will see some shine starting to emerge around my nose and forehead area (I probably need one more powder pat to last into the evening).

One thing to note is it does leave a thin layer of shine upon application. This is expected for most sunscreen with a high SPF factor. It would be difficult to wear this on a bare face without having a glassy shine on your face. HERE’S WHAT WORKS: Just need to pat it down lightly with some powder. It is a good way to let it set onto the skin.

Lastly, every tube has an expiry date embossed on its sleeve.

This sunblock for face retails at S$51 (per 50ml tube). Skincode is exclusively available at more than ten Guardian Pharmacy outlets island wide, including its flagship store at Ngee Ann City (#B2-34).

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Scent 8.0
Absorbency 7.5
Value for Money 8.0
Great texture for a high level of sun protection. Not too thick, not too thin. No scent. Good value for money.
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