Review: Sisley Creamy Mask with Tropical Resins

This mask is crazy expensive! But worth every penny.

Seven years ago, I was introduced to Sisley’s Creamy Mask with Tropical Resins in a tiny sample bottle. And its efficacy has haunted me ever since. So much so, I still have the original sample bottle given to me, and I use it very sparingly. In the case of Sisley, I am the mask miser.

But seven years and many sporadic breakouts later, I caved in and bought my first new full-sized 60ml tube for S$145 (yes I know, it is not cheap). Made from a potent bunch of botanical active ingredients, this mask is specially designed to target localized imperfections. Simply put…it does only one job – to combat breakouts.

It contains the following active ingredients:
Burdock: to clarify
Vegetable Glycerine: to moisturize
Iris: to soften
Kaolin: to absorb
Plantain: to purify and soften
Tropical Resins (Myrre, Incense, Benjamin): to balance and purify
Rosemary: to tone and stimulate
Zinc (trace elements): to regulate sebum production

Remember, this is a super-rich, thick, pasty and plant-based powerful mask…so depending on your specific problem, you may want to use it differently.


While it is a mask to be applied in a thick layer over a cleansed face, and rinsed off in 10 minutes; I find it works best for me as a spot mask on my blemishes and imperfections (these are the little red spots that visibly begins to emerge on the face that, given time, becomes a big nasty, painful and puss-filled pimple…you know what I mean, right?). It also works great for milia seeds, which are small white hard oil bumps that form naturally (usually around the forehead and eye area), or when using super-rich skincare products that settle into the pores, forming blockages.

So, this is what I do:  Apply a thick glob of mask right onto the specific problem spots before going to bed. And leave it on overnight.  This allows the mask to dry and soak right into the blemish areas.

Don’t be surprised when you wake up to find that the pimples have dried up, and the imperfections gone! Pimples mature at lighting-speed with this mask. The word magic literally comes to mind. What it has done is eliminate excess sebum, matify the skin, tighten the pores and minimised the effect of breakout.

WARNING: This mask is only suitable for oily and combination skin. If you don’t have oily and combination skin, do not use. I have known people who have used this and gotten the reverse – more breakouts. If in doubt, try a sample first 😉

But for me, this is one of my most essential skincare products to own 

This product was listed as one of Kat’s Best Products Reviewed for 2012.

Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 9.0
Does What it Says 10.0
Bang for Your Buck 9.5
The mask I use to literally save my face from a breakout. Must-have.
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