Review: Yüm Gourmet Sakura Cherry Blossom Peel

Facial peels are quite my thing lately. Not like the harsh chemical peels that aesthetic doctors recommend at their clinics. Rather, the kind of treatment you can do at-home with skincare products made from powerful enzymes of organically grown flowers and fruits.

Yüm Gourmet Skincare from Vancouver, Canada is a food-based, organic skincare brand whose philosophy is based on the alchemical view that the health of the human body (ie. skin) replies on the interactive harmony of man, the microcosm, Nature and the macrocosm. The name Yüm is the Tibetan symbol for wisdom and enlightenment.

All Yüm products are paraben-free, vegan-certified containing natural and organic ingredients, purified rainforest water and mineral-based colors. As a company, Yüm employs clean energy sources and eco-friendly practices in their product manufacturing.

I was really excited when I got the opportunity to review this Yüm Gourmet Sakura Cherry Blossom Peel. Unlike other facial peels that takes some massaging off, this one works like a mask.

The key ingredient of this peel is cherry blossoms, also known as “sakura”. An exquisite flower that holds within its petals a powerful nectar that promotes collagen formation. This peel is designed as a sensory treatment that encourages cellular respiration while removing devitalized skin cells. It contains natural tyrosinase inhibiting factors which brighten and illuminate areas of uneven skin tone. Sakura Cherry Blossom Peel is suitable for hyperpigmented, environmentally stressed, oily/combination and mature skin.



How to use: After cleansing and toning, apply a thin layer of peel to face. Some people apply to neck as well. Avoid the eye area. Leave on for no longer than 7 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water, followed by a moisturizer. Use this peel twice weekly for best results.

This peel is intense! It has a distinct stinging sensation. The few times I have used it, my entire face turned red. Kinda like when I have had something (alcoholic) to drink. It was not painful or itchy and went away after 10 minutes. I have sensitive skin so it is likely reacting to the acids and activating blood circulation. Personally, I prefer to rinse the peel off with cool water as it soothes the burning sensation, but that is really up to you.

Things to take note:
1. Do not leave on for more than 7 minutes. Rinse off immediately and thoroughly.
2. After rinse off, immediately follow with a moisturizer. Do not apply toner or products that may contain essential oils, acids or enzymes.
3. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a week. Wear sunscreen. This peel contains more than one alpha hydroxy acid that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

If you are still worried, do a patch test. The best place to conduct a patch test is the area on your cheek below the ear. Dispense a small drop of peel onto finger with spatula and apply lightly. Leave on for up to 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water. If redness or sensitivity persist for more than 30 minutes, do not use the product. Your skin may to too sensitive.

Now that we have covered the scary points, there a quite a few things I like about this peel.


sample on hand

The moment you dip your fingers into the product and apply onto your face, you get gel infused with plenty – and i mean, plenty – of crushed petals and fruit (cherry and plum) pulp. The texture and consistency is not sticky and not thick. The peel smells of the juiciest sweetest plum fruit.

The lightweight plastic jar is also very handy. I don’t particularly like handing chunky glass jars because I find I get clumsy handing heavy jars and product at the same time.

If food-based ingredient skincare sounds too mild and gimmicky to you, this peel will definitely change your mind. Formulated with wild cherry extract, grape seed skin, rice, cherry fruit, carrot and plum, this is by far one of the most intense and active of all the peels I have tried.

My skin was slightly dry the next day after putting on makeup but that is probably because I have slightly dry skin to start with. The dryness can be easily remedied with a richer moisturizer or facial oil. My complexion did look clear and clean the next day without signs of irritation. Probably not the most ideal peel for me, but I can see why this peel works fabulously for people with oily/combination skin. If you have dry skin prone to hypersensitivity, I would skip it.

A portion of the sale of every Yüm product is donated to charities that support environmental stewardship and eliminate poverty.

Yüm Gourmet Sakura Cherry Blossom Peel retails at $97.40 and is available in Singapore at Kew Organics.

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 7.8
Packaging 7.0
Does What It Says 8.0
An intense peel that smells divine! Probably not the most suitable for dry sensitive skin but a godsend for oily/combination skin.
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