Review: S.W. Basics Organic Lip Balms

There is nothing sexy about dry, scaly lips. Chapped lips can be uncomfortable, unsightly and down right painful. Unlike lipstick or lip gloss, lip balm is just one of those practical necessities that every woman needs in her pursue.

I am quite particular when it comes to lip balms. It cannot be too sticky, too waxy, too oily or too watery. I hate lip balms that just sit on the lips like a layer of sticky residue and taste like cooking oil or liquid candle wax. A good lip balm should instantly relieve lip dryness and appeal to the senses of smell and taste.

USA Brooklyn-based brand, S.W. Basics, carries an organic lip balm range consisting of four flavors: citrus, cinnamon, cocoa and peppermint. These lippies are made from scratch with high-potency ingredients, designed to soak into the skin and heal. Formulated with at least 3 and no more than 5 ingredients (depending on flavor), there is nothing going on your lips that shouldn’t be going into your mouth.

I rounded up the women in my family and here is their take on these certified organic lip balms.


# of ingredients: 5
Made of: Organic & Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Lemon Essential Oil & Organic Orange Essential Oil.
What they said: Smells lemony with a rather mild citrus taste. Has a ‘vaseliney’ feel that makes lips ultra moisturized.



# of ingredients: 4
Made of: Organic & Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax & Organic Peppermint Essential Oil.
What they said: Very sweet and sugary! Like having melted peppermint candy (the ones you get at restaurants after a meal) on your lips. Super moisturizing with a slight tingling sensation.



# of ingredients: 5
Made of: Organic & Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cardamon Essential Oil & Organic Cinnamon Essential Oil.
What they said: Smells spicy! Definitely more cardamon than cinnamon. It taste and smells like strong chai tea on lips. Smooth and buttery.



# of ingredients: 3
Made of: Organic & Fair Trade Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil & Organic Beeswax
What they said: Neutral taste with light aromatic notes of roasted coconut and chocolate. Super moisturizing and creamy. A classic lip balm.


General consensus is: the balms are buttery soft and moisturizing. No stickiness whatsoever. I was pleasantly surprised that the balms can withstand a light meal (like breakfast) without completely wearing off. These flavor-intense and super moisturizing lip moisturizers evoke the user’s sense of taste and smell; and can be highly addictive. Personally, these lippies are a little too strong-flavored for me. But if you love the refreshing taste of peppermint or spiciness of chai tea, it is worth a try. You really must love the flavor you choose.

**On the side note, these lippies make awesome Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!**

Full set

pure stick

I brought this lip balm with me on a long-haul flight to a cold climate country and my lips never dried out or peeled.

These lip balms are USDA organic certified. They are a tad expensive at $12 each when you compare the price to other mass-produced brands available in pharmacies. However, the good thing these balm are 100% free of harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients commonly found in lip smackers.

Each balm is made from scratch with just the right amount of essential ingredients needed; without diluting the natural organic formula with synthetics and fillers. This is based on S.W. Basic’s natural philosophy that less is more, and more importantly, less means more potent.

Available at Purist Marketing’s online store based in Singapore.

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 7.5
Does What It Says 7.5
Bang For Your Buck 6.0
There is nothing going on your lips that shouldn't be going into your mouth.
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