Review: Pigmentation Removal @ Niks Maple Laser Clinic (Part 2)

4 weeks on Dr Ong’s skincare regime and I went for my 2nd consult. As I stepped into her office, Dr Ong commented my complexion looked more even-toned. This time the surrounding skin has become lighter which makes the dark spots more pronounced. Ideal for laser removal down the road. One step closer to flawless skin! 

Visual Progression

1st consult: Pigmentation condition before going on Dr Ong’s skincare program and PicoSure laser removal.

2nd consult: Pigmentation condition 1 month after going on Dr Ong’s skincare program and before PicoSure laser removal. You can see some of the pigmentation spots look lighter while some look darker but smaller in size.


Surfacing Issues

Despite a fairer and more even-toned complexion, I encountered surfacing issues like oilier T-zone area and oil-congested pore breakouts. I have read some beauty bloggers having similar experiences after a month into their treatment. According to Dr Ong, this is expected and a good thing. It is skin detoxing blocked pores and drawing up whiteheads in an effort to re-balance.

skin t-zone

What’s Next

Dr Ong prescribed an additional 3 more products to include into my daily skincare regime, plus her own formulated sunblock. If you thought 7 products from the first consultation was plenty, now add another 4! These additional products are one notch stronger than what I am currently using. The idea is to adjust the strength of the products to determine my skin’s tolerance for better and faster results.

2nd consult items

New Items Added to Skincare Regime: Week 5-8

8. Fading Cream (prescription required): a triple-action cream with skin lightening ingredients like kogic acid, AHA and hydroquinone to even out uneven skin tone.

9. Retinoic Acid 0.025% Cream (prescription required): a slightly stronger active vitamin A derivative cream. It exfoliates old epidermal cells, aids cell renewal process, stimulates collagen production, tightens pores and reduces oil control. This is a spot treatment used only for areas of oily breakouts and whiteheads.

10. DRH (prescription required): a potent topical spot treatment cream for dark stubborn spots associated with moderate to severe facial melasma.

11. Gentle Sun Protect SPF50+/PA+++: a water-resistant sunscreen designed to provide broad spectrum protection and help protect delicate skin from harmful UVB and UVA exposure. The formula is specific to moisturizes and nourishes with hyaluronic acid and vitamins. It is non-stinging, non-migrating, non-greasy and fragrance free.

For the first batch of 7 items from Week 1-4, read Pigmentation Removal @ Niks Maple Laser Clinic (Part 1).

Dr Ong added sunblock this time because she felt my daily sunblock was not strong enough. In her opinion, a good sunblock with strong protection should be thick and not easy to slide off one’s face. (Read How To Love Wearing Sunblock).

In summary, this is the daily lineup of products I am using as at the end of my 2nd consultation. Some for day use only, some for night use only and most for day and night use. I hope my skin will be ready and prepped for PicoSure laser pigmentation removal by the next consultation in 3 weeks’ time.

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