Review: Kyonoyuki Face Massage Cream

Riding the wave of the Japanese kawaii (cute) culture, Kyonoyuki has finally reached the shores of Singapore. This natural skincare cult brand from Japan originally started 20 years ago by a female cake shop owner. She wanted to provide beauty products for her customers with sensitive skin. This face massage cream was her first product and gained so much traction through word-of-mouth that in year 2004, Kyonoyuki was established as a brand.

Today, this cream remains one of their bestsellers. The water content is sourced from the pristine underground water of Kyoto’s Fushimi Ward. Blended with over 27 kinds of Japanese and Chinese herbs and 8 oils, the ingredient list includes rice bran oil, ginkgo leaf extract, soybean extract, turmeric and chrysanthemum flower extract – to name a few.

What is interesting about this face massage cream is that if you are going by its name alone (massage cream), you might be completely misled. The way this product works, it is probably better classified as a facial scrub.

container and box


How to use

After cleansing, do not pat dry. Scoop up a cherry-sized amount of cream unto the palms of your hands and spread onto your wet face. Gently massage your entire face for 2-3 minutes. Lastly, rinse off with lukewarm water.

My take…

This is a strong salt scrub. It has a robust herbal scent and leaves a tingly menthol sensation on the skin. The consistency is thick and pumice-like. Once in contact with water (that is on your face after cleansing), the small-size salt grains dissolves slowly as you massage. I would recommend you spend a full 2-3 minutes massaging your face. Upon rinse off, I noticed immediately a subtle difference. My complexion looked less dull and more even-toned. The overnight effect is even more noticeable – a seriously smooth face and soft dewy complexion.

While the abundance of herbal extracts help to retain the skin’s moisture, the salt based scrub is effective in removing dead skin cells. If you have oily or combination skin, I truly believe this product will benefit your skin tremendously. If you have dry skin like me, you may find the salt scrub a little drying because salt dehydrates skin. This can be easily balanced off by – after rinsing off the scrub, pat on a hydrating toner and apply a thin layer of facial oil before a nourishing night cream.

User’s tip: Use this at night before bedtime (recommended).


I did a before-and-after test comparison to better illustrate the effectiveness of this face cream in instantly lifting impurities and leaving skin clearer and cleaner instantly. Same lighting, same photo position, same hand. The only difference is the 5 minutes it took to massage the cream on my hands and rinse off for the after shot. Is the difference noticeable? To me, the skin in the after shot looks fairer and smoother.

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This product is 95% are natural and 100% free of parabens, chemical toxins, synthetic fragrance and color.

One thing I really like is the packaging. The cream is housed in a plastic, lightweight jar with a large flip top lid that can clip on a mini spatula. Great for handling at home with wet, slippery fingers, as well as for traveling.


Kyonoyuki Face Massage Cream retails for $106 (120g) and is now available in Singapore. To purchase, go to Japan Skin online.

From now until 20 February 2016, readers can enjoy a discount of 40% on Kyonoyuki mini essential set. Price before discount is $49.90. Now you can get it for $29.90.  This is a great way to sample Kyonoyuki’s range of skincare products in smaller sizes.


The set includes:
– Kyonoyuki Massage Cream (20g)
– Kyonoyuki Recovery Gel Cream (10g)
– Kyonoyuki Natural Soap Bar (15g)
– Kyonoyuki Cleansing Oil (20g)

*To enjoy the discount, simply enter the code KATJUJU20 at check out.

More about Japan Skin

Japan Skin is a newly launched online go-to shop for Japanese cosmetics and skin care. It offers the latest and exciting beauty trends and products from Japan and has one of the widest choices in Singapore. Japan Skin products are either directly imported from Japanese manufacturers or from official distributors in Singapore, and are 100% authentic. 

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