Review: Aseop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque

I have not been so eager to rave about a certain skin product, until now. Aseop’s latest hydrating masque comes with many interesting facts and is truly worth the mention.

Fact 1: This is Aesop’s newest member to the classic skincare range and, surprisingly, also the first of its kind.

Did Aesop take 28 years to develop one hydrating masque? Apparently so. Rebecca Watkinson, Aesop’s Senior Development Chemist who visited Singapore for its launch last week, said “We didn’t want to produce a skin masque to just provide hydration, but rather one that provides sustained hydration“. This is a product born from years of finding new ingredients to achieve this specific goal.

Fact 2: Aesop’s diligent research and focused product development led to the discovery of sodium carrageenan. Derived from edible red algae, this natural binder is what keeps the eukaryotic marine algae from drying when the tide goes out. Lab results show that sodium carrageenan has humectant properties like Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that traps and binds water molecules at the surface of the skin. This effectively boosts hydration by promotion water retention within the skin’s lipid layers. Sodium carrageenan also encourages HA production allowing skin to hydrate itself from within.

Fact 3: Formulation of this masque is complemented by carefully selected emollients including panthenol (pro-vitamin 5). The lightweight aqueous gel contains soothing botanicals that leave skin refreshed and replenished. Blue Chamomile balances and purifies skin combined with a synergistic blend of bisabolol and ginger root extract to calm and sooth skin. This is aided by pure essentials oils of rosemary leaf oil and lavender.


Fact 4: If you use Aesop, you will be happy to know that this masque is developed with the capability to blend with your other Aesop products to suit specific skin needs at any point in time.

For example:
For dry, pigmented skin that requires a boost of anti-oxidant, blend with Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Treatment.
For a vitamin C boost for all skin types, blend with B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel or Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream.
For dull and congested skin that needs an emollient boost, blend with Fabulous Face Oil.
For extremely dry or distressed skin that needs nourishing and an emollient boost, blend with Damascan Rose Facial Treatment.

You can ask for samples of these product “boosters” to try with this masque.

with samples

With so much research, development and delivery potential behind this hydrating masque, I had to review it.

How to use (the officially stated way): As a 30-min wipe-off masque. After cleansing, dispense 6-8 pumps and apply over your entire face and neck. Leave for up to 30 minutes before gently wiping away the excess with a damp cloth or damp cotton pad doused with toner. Follow by moisturizer. No need to rinse off. This can be used as a twice weekly treatment.

Personally, 8 pumps at one-go is a little excessive. I stick to a maximum of 6 pumps; applied in 3 intervals. Why I do this? To let the product gradually settle into my skin. The first round of 2 pumps is enough to spread thinly unto my entire face. I wait 2-3 minutes for the product to completely absorb before I apply the second round of 2 pumps. This starts to feel like a nice hydrative aquaous layer on my skin. I wait for another 5 minutes before I apply the last round of 2 pumps. At this point, my face feels richly layered with the hydrating masque. I leave the masque on for the remaining 20-25 minutes before wiping off.

In my review, I did not blend this hydrating gel with other boosting products.

On its own, this masque is seriously good. It has a strong lavender-ish floral scent that can be attributed to the blend of lavender and blue chamomile. Post treatment, my skin has a plumped collagen-type feel.

cover 2

Another method I tried this is as a leave-on overnight masque. To do this, you need no more than 4 pumps to get a thin layer and evenly spread onto your entire face. Again, you can do it in 2 rounds of 2 pumps each with a 2-3 minute interval. Do this about twenty minutes before bedtime so most of the product will have absorbed into your skin. If there is excess, wipe off to avoid smudging your pillowcase with gel masque!

This is the best way I love using this masque. I don’t feel like I am wasting a lot of product and my face gets a complete face hydration boost overnight. The difference is noticeable the next morning. My complexion is radiant and looks a lot smoother. Being an overnight treatment, the transformative hydration effect on the skin can last for a few days.

I am adding this as one of my best discoveries for 2015. It is a hydrating masque that people with dry, sensitive skin simply cannot do without.

This masque retails at $69 at all Aesop outlets in Singapore.

Photo credit: Be Asia

Photo credit: Be Asia

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Texture and consistency 9.0
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One of my best discoveries for 2015. A real skin transformer.
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