Review: Origins Purifying Tonic

Basic skin care regime comes in 3 steps: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize.

I have a confession. Normally, I skip Step 2 because (to me) it’s just ‘expensive’ water and/or alcohol. But…that is not until recently when I started using this toner.

Now, I’m seriously hooked!


This 95% certified organic skin toner is VERY different from any other toners I have had before. Most toners are either, like water with no ‘real‘ effect or like alcohol that sting.

ORIGIN’s Purifying Tonic actually smells nice! Made from organic willow bark extract, it is also blended with lavender oil  Once you open the bottle, the tonic’s pleasant aroma is quite…pungent. And hard to describe. Not the usual aroma of roses, spring rain and other fragrance by-products.

Willow bark is a natural source of salicylic acid that helps to purify and clarify the skin’s pores. It does so by gently lifting excess oil, impurities and dead skin when applied with a cotton pad. Right after application, my face instantly feels clean and soft. Not tight. I have noticed my pores are smaller too.

It is stated to be good for all skin types. In my opinion, it is most suitable for oil and combination skin.

There is one con about this toner – the bottle. Once you twist open the cap, it is a big opening to pour out the contents. No plastic stopper. And since the toner is liquid, you have to be very careful! One drop of the bottle and everything will be on the floor ;(

Also be careful when pouring onto the cotton pad, because a little goes a long way. With this big opening, it is very easy to completely soak your pad. And waste a good thing ;(

Other than that, I highly recommend this 

Editor's Rating

Does What it Says 7.5
Aroma 7.5
Packaging 5.0
Good toner but really don't like the wide opening.
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