Review: Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Serum

To compliment the use of my ORIGINS Starting Over moisturizer (read my review here), I begun rummaging through my collection of bought-but-not-used skincare products. I found a new bottle of ORIGINS Make A Difference skin rejuvenating serum.

Unlike the Starting Over range for aging skin, the Make A Difference range is for dehydrated skin. This serum is said to help restore youthful-looking skin and smooth out fine lines. With moisturizing ingredients such as Rose of Jericho, Trehalose and Sea Haricots, this serum is meant to make the skin feel dewy, hydrated and revitalized.

My take?

Too light. This serum’s watery cream texture is far too light for my liking. Personally, I do not feel much difference with it neither on nor off.

For testing purposes, after my usual cleanse, rinse and tone, I would apply this serum (without moisturizer) to see how my skin feels. The serum absorbs into the skin almost immediately. But within minutes, my skin starts to feel tight again.

I apologize if this image seems a little blurry and not doing a great job at illustrating my point

Will I buy this again? No. Not even if it was on sale.

Perhaps, it might work better in a cooler climate. But in a hot, humid climate like Singapore, this Make A Difference serum unfortunately makes no difference to me.

However, I would love to hear from you if this product has made a difference to you 😉

Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 2.0
Does What it Says 2.0
Don't feel much difference with it on or off.
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