Review: Organi Manuka Honey Peel

My recent beauty obsession is organic facial peels. I rave and talk about it all the time as if I have found gold. My long-time ass-umption that “peels are only suitable for people with oily and acne-prone skin” had me avoiding facial peels like a plague – because I have dry and sensitive skin. Well, not anymore.

Organi is a Melbourne-based Australian eco-friendly skincare brand that offers high-quality, pure and effective skincare solutions. All Organi products are free from synthetic nasties, made from pure herb and plant-based ingredients and uses 100% natural essential oils.

I first came to know Organi when I walked pass their counter at United Square. Its not a storefront per se more like a large floor space in the middle of the mall. Hard to miss. A display of apple-green jars caught my eye. I struck up a conversation with the sales rep and discovered the Manuka Honey Peel is one of their bestsellers.

Many months later, I got the opportunity to review this honey peel. Funny how the universe works – but that’s for another post. I love the idea of manuka honey as a peel product. Not only is honey pore clarifying, skin moisturizing and full of powerful antioxidants, it is also a natural antibacterial and has strong amino acids to boost and protect collagen cells.

Organi honey peel full set

Organi’s manuka honey enzymes naturally aid in breaking down dead skin cells and gently cleanse without abrasion. This at-home peel is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive will benefit. On the product description, it says that users will experience up to 97% exfoliation of dead skin and impurities buildup, without damaging the skin’s matrix. Regular use of this peel can help in the treatment of acne, skin pigmentation and blemishes.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua (Purified Water), Honey Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) Flower Extract*, Glycerine (from Palm Oil), Acrylates Copolymer, Cetrimonium Chloride, Manuka Honey, Aloe Barbadensis Gel (Aloe Vera)*, Fucus Vesiculous Extract*, Perfume (Essential Oil), Potassium Sorbate (Food Presevative).

*Certified Oragnic

I tried this peel twice a week for two weeks. And here is my review.

How to use: The original product instructs as “Wash face with cleanser and toner, then apply Organi Manuka Honey Peel on damp skin. Leave on for 10-15 seconds, massage gently and rinse off with warm water.”

This is what I did. After cleansing my face, I gently pat dry and immediately slather on a small blob of Organi peel gel – no use of toner as instructed. As I spread the gel onto my entire face, I also give my face a gentle massage. After a few massage strokes, bits of product will start to lump up. Warning: Highly addictive! I spend a good 3-4 minutes massaging my entire face or until I feel the gel peel starting to dry. Lastly, rinse off.

The more gel you apply, the longer it takes for the gel to start drying and lumping up. Only a small amount for each application is needed. Here’s a quick 1-min video I made on how to use this peel.

When using this peel, I try to concentrate my massage  in areas that I feel needs extra exfoliation like forehead, nose corners and chin; and neglected areas like the sides of face (right in front of ears) and under the jawline.

This orange-toned gelish peel has a gooey texture that turns slightly watery when applied. Some people may or may not like the light gooey texture, it does take a little getting used to. There is no product smell or aroma.

The rinse off is easy. But sometimes, you might feel certain areas of your face a little rough from the hardening of the honey sugar. If that is the case, splash more water or use a gentle exfoliating cream to cleanse off.

Gel closeup

Result: My complexion is noticeably smoother, clearer-looking and more even-toned right after the first use. I did follow-up with a hydrating mask the next day just to allows the peel’s nutrients soak a little deeper into the layers of my skin. To know more about peeling gels, read Peeling Gels: The Next Asian Beauty Secret Revealed.

Organi Manuka Honey Peel retails at $160 for a 50g jar; not cheap. But if you use this peel once a week, a jar can easily last a whole year (or more)! Stretching the cost to give value.

You can purchase this peel online or visit one of Organi counters at the following shopping centers:
Jurong Point, #01-12K
Marina Square, #02-272
United Square, #01-7K.

If you are interested in Organi products, you can read my review on one of their best sellers, Organi Green Apple Clay Mask.

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 7.0
Application 7.5
Does What it Says 9.0
A honey peel that brightens skin instantly.
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