Review: Olive Illuminating Face Polish

Nestled 40km from central Auckland in a lush hillside is The Simunovich Olive Estate. A private farm land where premium extra virgin olive oil is produced and an extensive range of beauty and skincare products branded as Olive are made. Using state-of-the art laboratory and equipment from New Zealand and packaging facility on the Estate itself, Olive skincare products are gentle, effective and natural formulations inspired by the goodness of extra virgin olive oil.

Packed with powerful super antioxidants, extra virgin olive oil effectively neutralizes free radical damage to skin and regulate natural moisturizing cellular activity. With a naturally lower oxidation rate than skin’s natural oil, olive oil keeps oxidation at bay while providing a defensive barrier for the skin from environmental irritants.


I tried Olive’s newly launched Illuminating Face Polish for a week and found it to be extremely gentle yet effective.

Made with a luxurious blend of olive leaf extract, kaolin clay and manuka honey, this face polish is beneficial for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Kaolin clay helps to draw toxins and lift dead cells and impurities from the skin; while manuka honey and bilberry extract aids in natural cell regeneration and healthy glowing complexion.

It smells as it would if you had a bunch of fresh olives, crushed them in your hands and inhaled the scent of its rich creamy oil. Despite being made from extra virgin olive oil, rinsing the polish off the face is surprisingly easy without leaving a greasy layer. The sizable exfoliating bits (which I assume are ground olive pits with rough edges) make for a good rough scrub! If you prefer finer particles in your facial exfoliant, this may not be for you.

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This product is free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial colorants and fragrances, silicones and animal testing.

Although it is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, I have used this scrub every night in the shower. By the next morning, my complexion sports a smooth sheen; proving true to its name: illuminating face polish.

Packaged in a narrow tube that is great for handling and traveling, this 50g face polish cost S$36.20 and is available at organic skincare online store Powella.

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 7.0
Packaging 7.0
Does What It Says 8.0
For rough scrubbers, you're going to like this.
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