Review: Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Oil

Don’t be surprised if it is your first time hearing of this brand, Nutrimetics. I just joined the club too.

Nutrimetics is one of Europe’s largest cosmetic companies that uses nature and science to create premium skincare products. The company was founded in 1961 by a man named Mulford J. Nobbs, affectionately known as Nobby. As a young man, Nobby suffered from extremely poor health, and decided to embark on a journey to discover a better and healthier way of life. This led him to a miraculous place on Earth called Hunza Valley.

Hunza Valley, known to some as the original Shangri-La in the book Lost Horizons, is a mountainous region north of Pakistan. People there live long, age gracefully and have the softest skin (according to Nobby). It is here that he discovered the benefits of apricot kernel oil. Today, that discovery is translated directly into Nutri-Rich Oil – a must-have miracle beauty oil.

Noor, a Hunza Valley native (just look at her skin!)

Nutrimetics’s Nutri-Rich Oil is 44 years old and remains the crown jewel of this brand. If you must-have one product from this brand, this is it.

It is a highly-concentrated blend of oil extracted from specially selected apricot kernels and vitamin E, blended together to intensively nourish and nurture the skin.

Key ingredients include:
Apricot Kernel Oil – to smoothen, hydrate and protect the skin
Vitamin E – to heal, tone and restore skin’s cellular structure
Carrot Oil – to soften and protect the skin

Upon opening the jar, the sweet apricot melony scent is very evident. Like most oil-based ointment, it has a firm yet soft texture that depends heavily on the climate it is being exposed to. For example, the moment my warm fingers touched the solidified ointment, the surface around the contact point started to turn soft and melt like butter. When I put the jar in the fridge, the oil solidifies back again. The good news is no matter the consistency of the oil (solid or liquid), its quality is not compromised.

Half jar touched, half jar untouched

As a facial moisturizer, it is quite thick and oily. I reckon it would work very well for travel to countries during the winter season. Or if you have extremely dry skin, this moisturizing oil would be beneficial. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for my combination skin. And, most definitely not suitable for oily skin either.

BUT, that is not its only use….Nutri-Rich Oil is an all-in-one versatile skin product. This vitamin-rich moisturizer can be used for hair and nails as well.

The Many Uses of Nutri-Rich Oil
Intensive facial night cream (as mentioned before, probably only suitable for dry skin or in dry climates)
Lip balm
Treats sun-burnt and wind-burnt skin
Overnight hands treatment for dry hands (after applying, wear cotton gloves to bed)
Overnight feet treatment for dry feet (after applying, wear cotton socks to bed)
Dry, brittle nails and cuticles conditioner
Intensive hair conditioner (apply sparingly to the ends of your hair as a leave-in treatment)
Serum for fly-away hair and hair with spilt-ends
Psoriasis scalp treatment (massage into scalp once a week)
Cracked heel balm
Stretch marks ointment
Cracked nipple skin treatment (well-documented by many users)
Dry, scaly elbows and knee ointment
Nappy rash, scars, burns and warts ointment
Even as a haemorrhoid ointment!

This is literally a head-to-toe solution to most skin’s ailments. Every jar contains highly-concentrated oil extracted from more than 100 apricots! I have read that this oil is a must-have for expectant and new moms too.

Price: S$$59 per 60ml jar

Nutrimetics is exclusively available in Singapore through a Tupperware direct consultant. Call Tupperware Brands Singapore to locate your nearest Tupperware consultant.

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Editor's Rating

Verasitility 8.0
Consistency 7.0
Value for Money 7.5
Super rich, super oily. Used as a treatment oil.
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