Review: Natural Alternative Natural Face Cleansing Gel

I am always looking for a fuss-free affordable face cleansing gel that lathers well and gives a fresh squeaky clean. Women’s Weekly 2014 award winning Natural Face Cleansing Gel, from Australian brand Natural Alternative, is truly one such essential for every girl’s basic skincare needs.

This gentle yet deep-pore cleaning natural face cleanser is formulated with plant-derived extracts and certified organic essential oils. It contains no SLS or parabens, no artificial fragrances, no animal testing, no harsh surfactants, no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly  packaged.

Aloe vera leaf extract, jojoba oil and Moroccan neroli blended with a dash of orange sweetness delivers an amazing “citrusy” aromatherapy experience and a seriously squeaky clean finish. Suitable for all skin types. I have slightly dry and sensitive skin and this was not drying to my skin.

This is my morning face wash because I love its strong refreshing citrus aroma and how clean and fresh my face feels. The push-down bottle cap and slim matte-finished eco-friendly bottle makes this gel cleanser extremely easy to handle and use. The consistency of the gel is probably just a tad too watery but it makes pouring the product out effortless. I actually found this cleanser works well with other skin care products.


Pop cap

On hand

For example, if you practice double cleansing like I do, this works wonders as the 2nd cleanse effectively removing any trace of your oil-based cleanser and accumulated dirt, grime and make-up residue. Or if you have a dry powdered exfoliator, you can easily mix this gel cleanser to heighten your facial scrubbing experience.

The good thing about this cleanser is the expiry date printed on the bottle. I have used many products where the expiry date is on a sticker that peels off or inked stamped that bleeds away. Natural and organic skincare users like me rely a lot on information such as expiry dates because for a product to remain effective and contain as little chemical and synthetic preservatives, it surely comes with a shorter shelf life. Such knowledge makes it essential for us to manage our collection of natural skincare products.

expiry date

Reasonably priced at $16 per 125ml bottle and available at myLIFEINC Singapore, a subsidiary of Eu Yang San International.

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 7.5
Aroma 9.0
Does What it Says 9.0
A fuss-free and versatile face cleansing gel that foams and smells great.
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