Review: Le Château du Bois Tonic Lotion

Le Château du Bois, translated as the Castle of Wood, is a brand of skincare that is strangely all about lavender (and not wood). It is 80-hectares of fine lavender farm located at Lagarde d’Apt in the Vaucluse mountains of France at 1,100 meters altitude.

Run by the Lincéle family over four generations, Le Château du Bois produces 10% of the world’s cultivated lavender.

With the application of precise farming techniques and their own distillery, Le Château du Bois’s lavender essential oil has been given the prestigious AOC label. AOC (appelation d’órigine contrôlée) is translated as controlled designation of origin. Simply put, it is a French certification granted to agricultural producers by the government bureau to ascertain geographical authenticity.

Not only is this family’s last lavender harvest in 2006 award-winning, they are also the founders of the famed La Musée de la Lavande (The Lavender Museum) in Provence, France.

From lavender seed-to-plant production, Le Château du Bois’s skincare products is truly eco. Made from only natural  ingredients such as naturally distilled (in-house) fine essential oil and herbal extracts, vegetable oil, natural wax and sea salts, Le Château du Bois’s skincare products do not contain synthetic fragrances and no animal testing. They use recyclable materials such as PET and glass bottles to preserve the quality of their products and cardboard boxes for transport.

Last Christmas, my girlfriend gave me a beautiful Le Château du Bois set consisting of: a Cleanser and Toner. Since I have not tried their cleanser, this is my review of their facial toner.

After 2 months of faithful use (day and night), my complexion has noticeably evened out with a natural smooth sheen. This is a great improvement given that it was also the period that I was battling quite a few blemishes. The patchy pink tones and spot redness have subsided drastically, and my complexion is back to its radiant clear smoothness.

Knowing lavender’s strong anti-inflammatory properties, I suspect my complexion’s clearing is due to the concentrated pure lavender content in this toner. Just look at the top 3 ingredients: Aqua, organic Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract (10%) and organic Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water (10%).

But if you are expecting the usual pungent sweet scent of lavender for this toner, you will be quite disappointed. The scent is rather soft and botanical – faint flora with a slight hint of lavender – is probably the best way I can describe it.

This gentle facial toner does not contain any alcohol. Hence, there is no stinging effect. Do not expect any major lifting of dirt, grime and leftover makeup either. Look at my used toner pad below. It still looks pretty clean after use.

Having said that, what this tonic does extremely well is hydrate and balance the skin. Ideal for use by man and woman.

Cotton pad soaked with toner. Before use.
Cotton pad soaked with toner. After use.

Retail price: S$26

This toner is packaged in a recyclable 125 ml PET bottle. I like its thin and tall bottle design. It’s lightweight, easy to handle and fits in my travel toiletries bag.

Le Château du Bois products can purchased at Poetree’s retail outlet located at Millenia Walk (#10-84) or online.

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UPDATE: I last checked on October 2015, this toner is no longer sold at Poetree or its online shop. I cannot no longer about to source for this toner in Singapore.

Editor's Rating

Does What it Says 9.5
Packaging 9.0
Bang for Your Buck 9.0
Best toner by far. Made a noticeable difference to my complexion with its use.
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