Review: Korres Wild Rose Eye Cream SPF15

Touted as one of their best-selling products, Korres Wild Rose eye cream was sold out for a few months last year and I had to wait a while before I got a tube.

The Wild Rose Eye Cream with SPF 15 is a brightening eye cream that moisturizes, firms and smooths skin around the eye area. The main ingredients are: Wild rose oil and yeast extract. Wild rose oil is a natural source of vitamin C to repair fine lines and skin color disorders; and yeast extract improves blood micro-circulation, reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles.

If you had read my review on their Pomegranate Scrub & Wild Rose mask, you’d know I’m a fan of Korres. But after all the hype about this eye cream, I am not sure if it makes my favorites list. However, it is one of the better eye creams I have tried. Especially one with SPF.

With 79.7% natural active ingredients, this product has a clearly printed expiry date on the top of the tube packing, and it contains plenty of exotic natural ingredients such as Honeysuckle Flower extract, Rosemary Leaf extract, Rose Seed oil and Horse Chestnut Seed extract.

I have been using this eye cream for four weeks. It wins as a lightweight moisturizing eye cream with essential SPF coverage. It glides on smoothly and absorbs well without leaving a layer of oiliness. When I apply my eye makeup, the eye powder and liquid liner do not cake up or slide off. In fact, makeup seems to apply on better!

I don’t normally have a problem with under-eye dark circles or puffiness, so I am not able to comment on this concern. But I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning having slept only a few hours, this cream does help perk the skin area around my eyes, making my eye area look moisturized and hydrated. The consistency of the cream is very good – light yet moderately thick.

I love the tube application. Most eye creams come in a jar that exposes the whole lot of cream with every opening. With the tube application, you just squeeze what you need. And its narrow size and lightweight packaging is great for traveling. A small tube like this can last more than four-five months with daily use.

Like all Korres products, this eye cream is free of a lot of things including paraben, mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, petroleum, synthetic dyes, phthalates, alcohol, animal by-products, PEGs and SLEs. Its packaging is 100% recyclable so remember not to just toss it in the bin when its empty!

The real only minus for me is the fairly strong flowery scent. I prefer my creams and lotions to have a more neutral, or therapeutic scent. It is no fault of this eye cream that it smells literally like roses. After all, that is its name and what it is made of. So, if this point is not a problem for you, then this eye cream is definitely one to try.

Retail price: S$69 per 15 ml tube

Available at Korres retail counters at Parco Marina Bay @ Millena Walk & Raffles City shopping Center.

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Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 8.0
Scent 7.0
Does What it Says 8.0
Small travel-size packaging. Light eye cream with a nice hint of rose.
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