Review: Katfood John Lemon Lip Balm

After my interview with young entrepreneur Kendra Liew who started Katfood, her natural homemade skincare products line, I was given her one of her best-selling products, the John Lemon Lip Balm to try. If you read Women Who Launch: Katfood interview, you’ll know this is the same product that was custom-made into 80 mini lip balms for her friend’s wedding.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would take to a lip balm because its not my usual go-to product. In fact, I seldom put anything on my lips. But when this lip balm arrived in its brown paper wrapping, I started to get excited. I love the simple packaging which makes for great product contrast shoots.


Packaging aside, this lip balm really tastes good. The subtle lemony taste makes me want to apply more. This lippy is made with organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin oil, beeswax, organic raw honey, lemon essential oil and vitamin E oil. Almost good enough to eat!

The natural formula keeps my lips moist, soft and smooth without any stickiness. It does not leave a waxy and grimy layer and there is no synthetic aftertaste at all. My lips are moisturized for quite some time without having to reapply, even after a light meal. And because Kendra hand-makes every product in Singapore in small batches, there is a distinct made-on date stamped on the label giving me three good months of use.

product out of tube


Price: $9.90 per 5g tube. This lip balm is available online.

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Editor's Rating

Packaging 7.5
Texture & Consistency 8.0
Value for Money 8.0
A great lippy to have in your bag at all times.
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