Review: Evolu Protective Day Cream SPF15 & Recovery Day Cream

Founded by Kati Kasza from New Zealand, evolu (spelt with an intentional small ‘e’) is a botanical skincare brand formed with a core principle of balance; that is, creating an equilibrium between attaining natural healthy skin and using (a handful) of pure bio-active natural ingredients. evolu aims to keep their skincare formulations simple – with a few active ingredients in greater concentration.

Riding the natural and organic skincare wave, evolu has been in Singapore for about two years.

A cruelty-free brand that is free of parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oils, phthalates, sulphates, artificial colors or fragrances, and animal by-product, all evolu products are specially formulated with 100% pure cosmetic grade essential oils specially blended with New Zealand’s spring water – what they also term as the ‘evolu essence’ formula.

Taken from New Zealand Quality Waters, Blue Spring

After a month’s use, here’s my review of evolu’s two day cream moisturizers: Protective Day Cream SPF 15 and Recovery Day Cream.

evolu Protective Day Cream SPF15
This facial day moisturizer is blended with pure essential oil extracts to strengthen skin’s cellular structure and natural defenses. It is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help promote cell renewal, support connective tissue and provide added moisture to skin. The list includes: kiwifruit seed oil (high in Vitamin C & omega-3), wheatgerm oil (Vitamin E & antioxidant), chamomile extract (regenerative properties), green tea extract (natural anti-sun & antioxidant properties), and rose geranium (calming & regenerative properties & improves circulation).

Given its rich botanical infusion, this moisturizer is smells exactly as it should – fresh and therapeutic.

When I first started using this moisturizer, I was worried that I would not get used to the SPF factor of 15. I do not normally wear anything less than SPF50; SPF15 seems a little too low and worrying. But according to experts, SPF15 to 30 is recommended for everyday use. Anything higher would be unnecessary, have a thicker consistency and leaves no room for the skin to breathe. So, with that in mind, I eased myself into its daily use.

Suitable for all skin types, this moisturizer with SPF is surprisingly very light. And watery. It literally pours out of the bottle when the cap is flicked open and tipped to squeeze. So be careful not to squeeze too hard!

When I pick the bottle up and shake, it sounds like I’m shaking a water bottle. To prove my point – you can see from my photo below that within 2 seconds from the time I squeezed some on the back of my hand to the time I picked up my camera to shoot – the product is starting to drip down.

Despite its watery texture, the moisturizer soaks right into my skin making it great as an under layer with or without makeup. It makes a good skin hydrator as well – not too oily and not drying (do you know what I mean?). Perfect for Singapore’s tropical and humid weather. So far, I have not noticed any new sun spots or darkening of existing ones – that’s good news.

This is not a face moisturizer to use when you have an active outdoorsy day planned. But for regular weekdays when I’m in the office, and on weekends when I’m off to yoga or the shopping mall, I apply this one convenient face cream and I am off!

evolu Recovery Day Cream
Unlike the Protective Day Cream SPF15, this facial day moisturizer is specially formulated with anti-inflammatory and skin-calming properties.  Developed specially for people who suffer persistent skin sensitivities or problem dryness, it contains potent botanical actives such as NZ Kawakawa (to repair & detoxify), geranium (calming & soothing properties & improves circulation), lemon oil (anti-inflammatory properties) and kiwifruit seed oil (high in Vitamin C & omega-3).

Let me just say: If you have sensitive skin, prone to occasional eczema and breakouts, you have to grab yourself one of this ultra-lightweight day moisturizer. The active botanical formula is an effective hydrative blend of soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that instantly aims to calm the skin’s irritation factor, reduce redness and replenish the skin’s moisture reserve.

The consistency of this moisturizer is very nice and light. The cream soaks into the skin almost instantly. I was concerned that its weightlessness would evaporate, and leave my face feeling dry and stretched after a few hours. Instead, my complexion felt hydrated throughout the day and into the night (before bed).

Overall review: Apart from their weightless texture and ability to quickly absorb into the skin, the thing I love most about these two creams is their scent. Every time I apply the moisturizers on my face, I am reminded of going to a relaxing spa. While both are strong on geranium (sweet and earthy – one of my favorite!), The Protective Day Cream SPF15 has a more calm and relaxing blend, whereas the Recovery Day Cream’s blend is more citrusy and refreshing.

Lastly, because all evolu products are made with pure active ingredients, they come with an expiry date!

Retail price (Protective Day Cream SPF15): S$50 per 75ml tube
Retail price (Recovery Day Cream): S$48 per 75ml tube

Available at all Robinson & John Little outlets, selected Guardian, Unity and Metro outlets, and Beauty by Nature boutique stores @ ION Orchard #B3-49, Parkway #B1-75 and VivoCity #01-06.

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Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 9.0
Convenient & Ease of Use 9.5
Does What it Says 9.0
One of my most favorite moisturizers. Easy to use, highly absorbent and lightweight.
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