Review: Eminence Stone Crop Collection Tube

Going to the Maldives. What do I bring with me? Eminence, of course!

Since 1968, Eminence has been one of the mothers of organic skincare. Today, Eminence has evolved into a major Hollywood player, making its brand a must-have to celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel and Katherine Hiegl. “I can’t get enough of this skincare line. I take them on the plane and give myself a facial” Katherine reveals to NOW Magazine, September 2013 issue.

What celebrities are to Hollywood, Eminence is to organic skincare.

Key words being: Organic. Handmade. From Hungary.

Made with fresh fruit pulps, plants and exotic spices harvested from organic environments, Eminence takes a holistic and natural approach to skincare. Premium ingredients are sourced in organic farms worldwide, hand-picked and hand-mixed in small batches. Don’t be surprised if you find fresh pulp, seeds and herb remnants.

Look at the green pulp from Eminence Stone Crop Masque!

Eminence skincare products are 100% free of Parabens, Petrolatum, Mineral oils, Propylene Glycol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

For my upcoming vacation to Maldives, I tried Eminence Stone Crop Collection Tube. This is hydrating set for all skin types, particularly for uneven skin tones (I have plenty of sun spots and freckles…so this was a perfect trial for me).

What is Stone Crop? Stone Crop is an ancient plant whose powerful nectar has calming and healing properties that lighten skin pigmentation and sun damage, help calm skin irritations and bring balance back to all skin types.

The starter set comes with 5 skincare products: Stone Crop Gel Wash, Stone Crop Hydrating Gel, Stone Crop Masque and Stone Crop Serum.

Stone Crop Gel Wash
This is a gentle gel cleanser made from all the goodness of Stone Crop plant, Stone Crop juice, shea butter extract and meadow foam seed oil; even the most irritated skin types will benefit from this cleanser for its calm effect and hydration properties.


The texture of this gel wash does take a little getting used to – it is quite thick, almost gluey, but it spreads well when applied on the face. Great cleanser! It really cleaned my face without any drying effect. What I loved most about this cleanser is its strong scent. Hard to describe. Just imagine – fresh forest fern and seaweed blended in ocean water.

Stone Crop Hydrating Gel
This is a non-oily hydrating gel moisturiser. If you need a little moisturiser, this hydrating gel will do the trick. It is a day and night moisturiser, but I only used it in the day when I needed something lightweight and hydrating. Once applied, it absorbs right away into the skin without leaving a sticky residue layer (given its thick gluey texture, I did not expect its quick absorption).


Again, texture and scent-wise, the hydrating gel is fairly similar to the gel wash. Except it has a slightly darker shade of green. Without reading the label, it would be quite difficult to differentiate the two.

Stone Crop Whip Moisturiser
To me, this is the cream version of the hydrating gel. It is also a day and night moisturiser but I used it as a night cream. It has a soft, whipped texture that is fairly thick in consistency. So, if you have dry skin, this is perfect. Personally, I found this a little too thick, especially in a non-air-con environment. One solution: Add a few drops of water to a small amount of moisturiser in your hand before applying.


Stone Crop Masque
This is my favourite. Again, it smells strong and wonderful, exactly like the gel wash and hydrating gel. It does have gluey texture with weird green (algae/seaweed looking) bits. It is actually Stone Crop pulp! Application does get a tad messy with the gel lumpiness texture and pulp particles but the masque sets in well into the skin. Once rinsed off, my skin is refreshed, soft and dewy. Its top ingredients include Stone Crop pulp, Stone Crop juice, aloe vera and honey.



Stone Crop Serum
This serum is fairly thick, more like a gel. Yet, it did not leave my skin sticky or tacky. In fact, it absorbed pretty quick. Not to mention, this serum smells amazing like the rest above. This serum is high potency blend for hydration and lightening.


I used this set exclusively for a week during my vacation where I snorkelled and dived all day, everyday. Despite my constant sunblock application, I fully expected to get snorkel mask tan on my face and additional freckles.

I ended up the vacation with a smooth tanned complexion. All my friends have commented on my amazing even-looking tan! Also, I have not noticed any new freckles or sun spots on my face. Miracle? Perhaps. But maybe its the power of Stone Crop that Eminence promises (who knows). All I am sure is that I came back from this holiday without any complexion worry.

A few things to note about this starter kit:

This starter set comes in a beautifully hand-crafted ultra-soft post-consumer recycled wood tube that houses the 4 travel-size plastic jars (made from recycled, non-toxic plastic material) and a full-size serum glass bottle. All under 30ml, you can easily fit this in your hand-carry travel bag.

Also, every jar is seal protected. This ensures that the potency of the product is kept in its maximum and freshest state when you purchase it.

Product Guide & Ingredients List
In the set, you will find a comprehensive product guide of all the Eminence skincare products cleverly categorised by skin types and product purpose. It is amazing to me how they pack so much information and product in one travel tube set!

The ingredients list is printed on this pretty little tag. So, don’t throw out the tag if you want to know what is in each of your Stone Crop product/s.

Good Cause
Eminence has a corporate environmental initiative called ‘Forest For The Future’. They pledge to plant one tree for every Eminence product sold! It represents their long-standing commitment to the future of our Planet through green practices, and help clean up the air and support the world’s natural resources; communicated on a sticker on every Eminence product packaging.

Use By Date
If there was one thing about this travel set that I would pick on, it would be the use by date. While there is one on every product, it is ink-stamped on a sticker tag. Unfortunately, if the tag touches water, the ink will run. And it will smudge out (as shown here). Just be careful or take note separately on the product’s expiry date.

All in all, I can understand the Hollywood rave about this organic skincare brand. You cannot go any more hand-made and organic than this!

This travel set sells for S$94.99 and includes 4x15ml plastic jars and 1x30ml glass bottle serum. The good news is Eminence is available in Singapore, and you can purchase this Stone Crop Collection Kit online at Katharos.

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Editor's Rating

Packaging 8.5
Scent 7.5
Quality 9.0
A truly organic skincare set that comes in an eco-compact tube case. A must-add to your travel toiletries bag.
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