Review: Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

Blemish balms are so yesterday. Today, Korean beauty brands like Elisacoy are launching new CC creams like hot cakes fresh out of the oven. Not BB. CC.

CC creams, or Colour Control creams, are simply a refined version of the BB cream created in Korea. While BB creams were developed primarily as a skincare product, CC creams retains the skincare properties of BB creams while further adding skin tone balancing properties.

I will start by saying that Korean brand, Elishacoy, is not an organic skincare brand. However, their new CC cream is made with interesting Eco-Cert (an organic certification organisation used widely as an industry standard in Europe and internationally) botanical extracts.

As a niche Korean skincare brand with a strong beauty cult following, Elisacoy is like most local Korean beauty brands: difficult to find outside of Korea. The good news is there are online beauty portals such as Wishtrend.com and Qoo10 that Singaporeans can go to buy Elishacoy products.

Developed as a skincare product of convenience,Elishacoy’s Always Nuddy CC Cream is said to be a 10-in-1 high multi-functional cream and they are:

  1. Whitening
  2. Anti-wrinkle
  3. UV protection
  4. Hydration
  5. Corrects skin texture
  6. Balances skin tone
  7. Cover imperfections
  8. Long-lasting
  9. Excellent application
  10. Instant skin radiance
As a makeup applicator, this cream corrects skin tone and texture with micro colour capsules. These micro capsules in a white cream base pops open during application. When you first see the cream, it is chalk white – like liquid paper. Kinda scary.

But as you apply the cream, the warmth of your hands activates the popped colour capsules to change colour. This helps blend the cream smoothly onto your face giving a radiant, smooth and even-toned appearance.

To test the colour change/blend, look at the cream BEFORE I spread it onto my skin, and look at the cream AFTER I wiped it off with a cotton pad (skin-toned beige).

As a skincare treatment, it is made with more than 20 hydrating (and exotic) ingredients to soothe and hydrate one’s complexion. Main ingredients include black bean extract, olive leaf extract, cactus flower extract, cranberry fruit extract and avocado oil. Eco-Cert ingredients include lavender flower water, bitter orange flower water and large-leafed lime flower extract.

This cream’s texture is very light and absorbs almost instantly into the skin. It has a nice creamy and slight watery consistency that is great for spreading unto the face. There is no detectable scent at all.

If you are thinking of getting this CC cream mainly for coverage (instead of correction), FORGET IT. I can still see my sunspots and freckles. But if you are primarily looking for a skin colour corrector to balance out uneven skin tones, GET IT!

For instance, some people have a slightly darker skin tone on their forehead and nose compared to their cheeks. For one week, I used this cream as a base under my SPF fluid and makeup (avoid eye area). Boy, does it work! It gives that smooth fluid look to my complexion. This is me at work with Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC cream + daily makeup.

Makeup application a lot easier too. The effect can last the whole day into the evening without any need to re-apply – afterall, it is sitting as a base under my makeup. More importantly, the cream is so light that it absorbs completely into the skin without the feeling of leaving a layer of product onto my skin.

Also, given that Arbutin is one of their top 10 ingredients, I don’t doubt that this product can help lighten my pigmentations with regular use. I will have to use it for longer and see.

My gut feel is that this CC cream is making its way to becoming one of my regular makeup essentials that is going-to-be-hard-to-live-without. So, unless you are prepared to get hooked to this new CC cream, read no further.

Online price: USD$34.99 at Wishtrend.com. International shipping is available.

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Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 7.5
Ease of Use 7.0
Does What it Says 8.0
Lightweight, quick to absorb into skin. Good for skin color corrector, bad for coverage.
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