Review: Coast to Coast Outback Cellular Recovery Radiance Serum

If you are battling with the premature aging pigmentation (sun spots), you really must get your hands on this.

Going into my 30s is when I started getting a lot of emerging small, dark spots on my cheeks and nose area. Besides the option of undergoing laser treatment, nothing I do is able to erase these spots. Despite applying SPF 50+ daily protection and testing plenty of whitening, anti-aging and spot erasing creams to combat this problem, the spots keep multiplying in numbers, growing in size and getting darker.

Until I discovered Coast to Coast’s Outback Cellular Recovery Radiance Serum. Okay, so the name is long but who cares…it works.

Since my first introduction and review of Coast to Coast products such as their Coastal Rejuvenating Facial Exfoliant and Invigorating Shampoo, I have not stopped recommending this brand to all my girlfriends, and even blog readers who have emailed me to ask for skincare advice.

This is another one of their amazing products that work. Granted, it has not completely erased my spots. What it has done, after one month+ use, is lightened my once dark brown sun spots into an almost like faint translucent spot shadow. The effect is not immediate so you have to be patient. I only started noticing the difference almost a month into it, having used up about half the bottle.

Here is my review.

Outback Cellular Recovery Radiance Serum is a vitamin C booster serum that contains rich anti-oxidants like Kakadu Plum and Desert Lime. It is specially developed with a unique formula that contains skin-brightening agents to induce a significant lightening effect on the skin, and aid in the treatment of irregular pigmentation. Combined with plant peptides and hyaluronic acid, this serum boosts skin’s collagen production, smooths away dull skin and protects the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

Although it states to apply a few drops every morning under a face moisturizer, I used this serum every night as well. It has a lotion-like consistency and is dispensed out of a dropper applicator.

One drop per use is enough to spread evenly over my face. With smooth and gentle massage strokes, the serum absorbs very quickly into the skin.

The only gripe I have about this serum is its distinct (and hard to describe) smell. Made from Kakadu 

plum (a native fruit flower of Australia) and listed as the eighth ingredient, it does not have the usual sweet and soothing aromatherapy of lavender or geranium.

Instead, it smells like salty plum – for lack of a better description. The smell does not last long because once it is absorbed into the skin, the scent is gone. This serum does contain good smelling extracts like orange flower water, chamomile, sandalwood, and bergamot. If you are interested in this serum, I suggest you go to the retail store to sample a drop on your hand.

Scent-aside, this serum is so effective with lightening pigmentation. Ideal for all skin types with first signs of premature aging.

This serum is a strong contender to make my 2013 Best Products Reviewed list (click here to read last year’s 2012: Kat’s Best Products Reviewed).

Retail price: S$112 per 30ml bottle

Available online or at their Coast to Coast retail boutique at VivoCity, #01-08. 

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