Review: Coast to Coast Coastal Rejuvenating Facial Exfoliant

I am really digging Aussie eco-friendly skincare brand, Coast to Coast. Their products are pure and potent. And they don’t charge an arm or leg for them. Last year, their Invigorating Shampoo made Kat’s 10 Best Products Reviewed. This year, I am thrilled to do my review on their Coastal Rejuvenating Facial Exfoliant.

I will start by saying that I love facial scrubs so you can imagine I have tried many scrubs along the way. To me, the essential requirements of a good face scrub or exfoliant are: smells great, concentrated particles not too fine not too rough, consistency not too watery not too creamy and it does not leave the skin too dry or with a layer of residue. Yes…I am particular about my scrubs. So, if I say it’s good. Its probably great.

Interesting points about this exfoliant:
1: Aloe Based. Listed as 2nd on the ingredient list is organic aloe vera extract after purified water!
2: Organic Heavy. Made with many things organic including organic bamboo extract, organic macadamia oil and organic jojoba oil.
3: Unusual Blend. Contains exotic ingredients like Tasmanian kelp extract, sea parsley extract and Mother of Pearl.

The organic aloe, sea kelp and sea parsley combination gives this facial exfoliant a luxurious lubricating texture. Benefits of this unusual blend helps to calm, protect and refresh complexion giving radiance. Mixed with organic bamboo extract and Mother of Pearl fine bits, it is extremely gentle to the skin yet effective as a scrub.

On my first squeeze, it smells strong of fresh peppermint and ocean. The scrub bits are concentrated enough to give a good balanced scrub without being too rough-edged.

After use, my skin feels noticeably softer and hydrated. Honestly, it does not leave that super squeaky clean feeling that normally strips off natural oils making the skin dry.  Another way to put it: my skin feels like a baby’s bum. Maybe its the collagen from the wild harvested Tasmanian sea kelp and sea parsley with the skin-balancing properties of aloe vera. Just a guess.

I had planned to use this facial scrub once a week but the product says gentle enough to be used daily. So I did. After a week of consecutive daily use, my dry and sensitive skin did not dry out or show any signs of irritation. Instead, it looks plumper (the skin, not the face). This is good news for dry, combination and sensitive skin like mine.

Retail price is S$48 per 100ml tube and available online or at Coast to Coast’s boutique outlet at United Square.

Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 9.5
Scent 9.5
Bang for Your Buck 9.5
One of the best. I'll recommend to everyone, even my neighbor.
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