Review: Coast to Coast Coastal Cellular Recovery Smoothing Serum

I love Coast to Coast. I have used quite a lot of products from this Australian natural and organic skincare brand. You only have to go through my product review list to know that. Unfortunately, this serum is the first one that didn’t make the cut.

Unlike the Outback Cellular Recovery Radiance Serum which I previously reviewed, this is a hydrating and collagen-boosting serum.

A highly concentrated serum that contains natural plant peptides and marine collagen to improve skin’s firmness and soften fine lines and wrinkles; and infused with mineral rich Tasmanian sea kelp to lock in the skin’s moisture and restore elasticity. Result? Skin to appear significantly smoother and more youthful. Urm…not in my case.

Here’s my review of Coastal Cellular Recovery Smoothing Serum.

I like the dropper application. It helps to prevent any transfer of dirt, germs and air-borne bacteria to the product while in use.

The transparent liquid-gel textured serum doesn’t have any smell. This may be a positive point for some people, and negative point to others. But at least it doesn’t smell horrid.

Personally, I had hoped it would smell like Coastal Rejuvenating Facial Exfoliant which is from the same line, and made with some of the same key ingredients – like aloe vera, Tasmanian kelp extract, sea parsley and clary sage oil. Yet, the exfoliator smells like fresh ocean. Not the serum.

How I used this: Apply once a day. Just a few drops every morning under my moisturizer.

Surprisingly, this gel-based serum does not leave a sticky feeling behind. And absorbs almost immediately into the skin.

However, after using it for a few weeks, I did not notice much difference to my skin’s hydration. In fact, it won’t have mattered if I had applied this serum or not. It made no impact and, even if it did, I won’t know about it.

I love, love, love this brand. And I cannot understand why this serum has left such a lackluster impression on me. Maybe it is because I don’t have dry, dehydrated skin to start with. Who knows.

If you’ve tried this serum before and it worked for you, drop me a message and tell me about it.

Retail price: S$123 per 30ml bottle

Available online or at Coast to Coast’s boutique outlet at VivoCity.

Coast to Coast is currently having a 50% discount store-wide at its VivoCity retail store. I’m not sure when the sale will end. Give them a call at +65 6376 9908 before you go to make sure the sale is still on.

Editor's Rating

Packaging 6.5
Consistency & Texture 6.0
Does What It Says 5.0
No noticeable difference. I can live without this.
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