Review: bSoul Hydra-Normalization Kit

You are probably thinking ‘What does normalizing the skin mean?’ Don’t worry because I didn’t know either. In layman language, it means to put back or restore the skin’s natural hydrative state.

Many skin-related problems we face are commonly caused by poor diet, hormonal imbalances, over-exposure to the sun, allergic reactions, stress and bad lifestyle habits. Our skin reacts by either becoming too dry or too oily. Conditions like acne, rosacea and psoriasis are results of an overworked, overstressed organ (Side note: Did you know our skin is the body’s largest organ?).

So, the idea is before you treat the skin for any specific condition with medication and procedural treatment, you need to first bring your skin back to its normal, healthy state. Sounds logical right? That is bSoul’s skincare philosophy.

bSoul is touted as the first eco-friendly phytoceutical line that uses only eco-certifed active ingredients in their skincare formulas to give younger and healthier looking skin. Produced and packaged in Italy with several eco-certifications, bSoul products are safe and 100% without harmful factors.

* No Petroleum-derivatives (petroleum and paraffins)
* No PEG
* No Silicones
* No Parabens
* No Animal Testing

This review is on bSoul Hydra-Normalization Kit. The set consists of 4 products: Hydra-Milk Cleanser, Redness-Sinergy Serum, Hydra-Comfort Face Cream and Hydra-Face Scrub.

Hydra-Milk Cleanser
This milk cleanser is made with Argan oil and Mosqueta rose lipids that are similar to the skin. Therefore, the lipids are easily absorbed; binding to the epidermic sebum to rebalance and rehydrate skin’s deeper layers. This cleanser is also infused with sage, thyme and rosemary extracts for antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. It contains lactic acid (AHA) to soften skin and reset its PH balance.

Result: I usually stay away from milk cleansers because I don’t like how it leaves a creamy layer behind that takes more than a few splashes of water to rinse off. However, I am glad I gave this one a try. What a difference! This milk cleanser is quite watery, not the usual thick and creamy, consistency. And it rinses off quickly without much hassle! My face felt clean and refreshed after. Don’t expect a good foam though because that is not how milk cleansers work. It has a strong floral scent – imagine crushing a handful of fresh rose petals in the palm of your hand. Even as a milk cleanser skeptic, I have to say that I really liked this cleanser.

Redness-Sinergy Face & Neck Serum
This serum has a high concentration of active ingredients to stimulate the skin’s defines mechanism against signs of ageing, and is marketed with signature formula names such as HyaCare 50, MAXnoliaEpiCalmin TCM and Eterniskin.  I am not going to get into it but just know that these are all different formulations of ingredients to deliver the desired result. All in one bottle! Suitable for all skin types; especially for fragile/sensitive skin prone to redness.

Result: The serum has a strong fruity scent that I am not keen on. But if you like sweet fruity aromas, this would not be an issue. It is infused with chamomile, magnolia bark extract, calendula, Maitake (a kind of wet mushroom) and aloe vera. However, the serum really does absorb very quickly into the skin. One night, I applied the serum on my face and went to bed (without a moisturiser) in an air-conditioned room. The next day, my skin still looked well-hydrated. I had almost forgotten that I had forgotten to put on moisturiser. And you don’t need much serum – because it is expensive. One pump is good enough. Rub the palm of your hands together to warm the serum and spread over face.

Hydra-Comfort Face Cream
This moisturiser is packed with a lot of edible-sounding ingredients like olive fruit oil, aloe vera and rosemary extract and Karite butter. Butter?! Not the kind you spread on your bread. Karite butter, more commonly known as shea butter, is derived from stearic acid and oleic acid and is rich with lipids that is, again, similar to the skin cellular makeup.

Result: A soft face cream with delicate floral notes. This lightweight cream spreads well and, again, absorbs quickly. Even in the hot and humid Singapore climate, I had no problem using this cream in a non-air conditioned room. It has become one of my daily go-to face moisturizers.

Hydra-Face Scrub 3Action
Called 3Action because it is made with three primary ingredients – jojoba, aloe vera and baking soda. Together, they aid in normalising cell generation and restoring skin lipids. To be used once every 2 weeks, up to a maximum of twice a week.

Result: I like this scrub. Although the exfoliating beads are small and fine, the scrub is lightweight and does not leave any residue after rinse. I like that my skin does not feel dry, tight or stretched after the scrub. A good all-round essential to have.

I tested this kit for 2 weeks. During that time, my complexion was completely problem-free. Not even an appearance from my usual pre-period pimple. My skin did feel balanced and well-hydrated. I was particularly impressed with the consistency of how easily and quickly all the products penetrated into the skin. Reason is bSoul chooses specific formulas that are structurally similar to natural skin, allowing their products to easily absorb and blend into the skin’s deeper layers.

This normalization kit is not cheap but you pay for what works. The good news is – if you want to try this set, the friendly people at bSoul are offering a special 10% discount* to all Kat Juju readers.

This normalisation set retails for S$434 . It includes a Hydra-Milk Cleanser, Redness-Sinergy Serum, Hydra-Comfort Face Cream and Hydra-Face Scrub. Available for purchase on bSoul online shop. Use reader’s promotion code BSKat10% upon check-out to get 10% discount. Valid now until 31 September 2014 (discount is exclusively applicable for bSoul’s Hydra-Normalization Kit only).

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Editor's Rating

Overall Texture & Consistency 7.0
Overall Scent 6.0
Does What it Says 7.0
I am not a big fan of this set. But individually, the products have their own plus points. My favorite product out of this set is the scrub. Gentle and lightweight. Ideal for daily use.
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