Review: Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Face Serum

Recently I discovered a lovely organic skincare brand, Black Chicken Remedies, and want to share it with you. My friend Lily Kew, owner of organic facial bar Kew Organics, has been raving about their products and in particular, the Love Your Face Serum. Despite the fact that she has oily and acne-prone skin, she talks about this a lot. I, on the other hand, have dry and sensitive skin and always love a good facial oil.

Black Chicken Remedies is an Australian organic skincare brand started by Chey Birch. Chey formulates her products with 100% pure natural ingredients and aromatherapy – with the philosophy that using these products not only benefit the user when absorbed into the skin, but also create a sensory experience that connects a woman with her body in harmony.

Known as the organic moisture surge, Love Your Face serum is one of her signature products and it works many wonders. It is an anti-aging, deep penetrating, skin boosting, super hydrating and skin plumping facial oil. Putting back into your skin what life has taken out.

The oil-based blend consist of apricot kernel oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E oil, argan oil and rosehip oil; and mixed with neroli, ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils. This is a 100% all-natural product, of which 98% are certified organic ingredients. No parabens, no petrochemicals and no synthetic fragrances.


drop on hand

Picture depicts 2 drops of serum oil

How to use: Drop 2 or 3 drops onto the palm of your hands and pat on entire face. Repeat every morning and night. I spend one minute pressing and patting the oil into my skin with my hands whilst breathing in its earthy aroma. The light woody aroma of this serum is divine – it reminds me of early morning trail hikes in Canada. The serum absorbs well into the skin giving it a velvety dewy look without creating excess oil production or clog pores.

For women with oily skin, this is enough. I have read many users who have indicated that this serum works beautifully for their oily skin by calming acne redness, re-balancing their skin’s moisture and controlling oil sebum production where needed. For women with dry skin like me, you can followup with a light moisturizer.

After two weeks, my skin looks better hydrated and my complexion is visibly more luminous. Chey, who created this serum, calls it the ‘No-tox Botox’ for your face.

This serum is beautiful! It is not thick and oily at all. Based on my experience, I recommend it if you have normal, dry or clinically dry skin. Dry skin suffers like me know the sensation of skin feeling stretched and tight especially after a shower, towards the end of the day or even throughout the day under makeup. I don’t get those skin sensations anymore when I use this serum.

A 30ml bottle retails for $110.25. Sold exclusively at Kew Organics located at Blk 2, Everton Park #01-47, Singapore.


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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 8.5
Aroma 8.5
Does What It Says 9.0
A therapeutic facial oil that hydrates & smells divine!
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