Review: BioNike Defence Elixage Contour, Defence Elixage Elixir & Defence Elixage Satin

BioNike, pronounced as bio-nee-kay, is an Italian demo cosmetic brand founded in 1930, and made specially for people with sensitive, allergic and reactive skin.

This exquisite skincare brand is highly effective and developed on an “allergen-free philosophy” – that is products free of preservatives, fragrances, gluten and is nickel-tested.

Let’s go through each of their 4 key points and why it is important:

1. No Preservatives. It is well documented that preservatives in food and consumer products are one of the main triggers of skin allergies in persons who are sensitive to these synthetic components. In general, cosmetic products that have water in it, usually contain preservatives so bacteria does not grow. But with science, innovation and state-of-the-art processes, it is possible to develop skincare products that are 100% natural, synthetic and chemical-free while staying free and effective.

2. No Fragrances. Fragrance is a primary cause of allergic contact dermatitis, also known as ACD. It is basically a cocktail of chemicals used to induce aroma, and these chemicals are usually not reported ingredients lists. They are simply labelled as ‘fragrances’.

3. No Gluten. While this sounds weird, many people unknowingly do suffer from gluten-intolerance. Although it is mainly a concern in food consumption, gluten – when applied as a cosmetic, can enter the bloodstream via the skin layers; setting off reactions like abdominal discomforts and bloating. Cosmetic that contain gluten, used on a person with sensitive and allergy-prone skin, can cause various skin alterations.

4. Nickel-Tested. Apparently, the presence of nickel content can trigger allergic reactions. This is normally never stated in most other skincare products. But at BioNike, all their skincare products are tested and confirmed to contain nickel content lower than 0.00001%. Almost nil.

This review is on 3 products from BioNike’s Defence range: Defence Elixage Contour (eye-lip balm), Defence Elixage Elixir (regenerating fluid) and Defence Elixage Satin (regenerating cream). Defence is a range of skincare treatments designed to protect and defend the most sensitive skin.

Defence Elixage Contour (Eye-Lip Balm)

One of the most amazing eye and lip creams I have tried. I tend to have very dry flaky skin around the corners of my lip area. As a lip cream, this works wonders! It’s creamy enough to smoothen the flakiness and lightweight enough that I don’t have greasy lips.

As an eye cream, again, this is amazing. I usually stay clear of rich eye creams because I develop oil seeds easily (Read How to Get Rid of Milia Seeds). I did use this eye cream with some initial reservations. But after 4 weeks of daily use, the skin around my eyes is looking supple, smooth and toned. No oil seeds present.

Retail price: S$149 per 15ml.

Defence Elixage Elixir (Regenerating Fluid)

Love, love, love! A serum that comes in a silver bottle that dispenses a small amount of serum fluid with each pump. It is a concentrated blend of biotechnological active ingredients, stabilized vitamins and potent anti-oxidants. This serum stimulates skin’s natural cellular regeneration, structural skin production and strengthens skin’s defence mechanisms.

It has the consistency of a fluid-based moisturizer. It absorbs within minutes and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. I don’t need a lot – just a small pump every night. Best used when combined with other Defence creams. So I used it together with the Defence Elixage Satin (below).

The retail price is S$349 per 30ml.

Defence Elixage Satin (Regenerating Cream)

Similar to the Defence Elixage Elixir regenerating fluid, this moisturizer promotes skin regeneration, repairs free radical damage and aids skin’s cellular production. While it is thicker than the regenerating fluid, this cream is soft and satiny in texture – living up to its name, satin. I used this as a night cream while I was in Canada – in a cooler climate and really loved it.

If you have normal skin, I won’t use this cream in a non-air conditioned room. It absorbs well, but due to its thicker consistency (mind you, I’ve tested much thicker creams), it takes a few minutes to soak into the skin. In an air-conditioned room or in cooler climate, this moisturiser is a god-sent. Perfect for night use. In the morning, my skin is brighter, smoother and softer.

This retails for S$339 per 50ml.

Overall, I seriously love this range of skincare. I’m not going to deny that it is expensive, it is luxury in a bottle. But you do pay for what you get. Over my 4 weeks of daily use, I never once got an oil seed, red patchy skin, oily spots or dry skin. Amazing!

The only issue is that the jars are pretty heavy. So, if you are thinking of taking these on your travels, they may add a little more weigh to your luggage.

BioNike products are exclusively available at Guardian Outlets and selected facial spas. To find out more about the brand or to get more information, go to their Facebook page.

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Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 9.8
Does What It Says 10.0
Packaging 7.5
Luxury in a bottle. It's not cheap but its seriously worth the investment.
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