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Times have changed. Women are no longer washing face with the same bar of soap used to wash the rest of the body. These days, beauty cleansing bars – as they are now called, are a new generation of soaps made with premium ingredients to give you healthy looking complexion. Is Washing Face With A Bar Of Soap Bad For Your Skin? explains the difference between a traditional bar of soap and the emerging new generation bar of soap.

Up until now, I have been using facial liquid cleansers purely for the sake of convenience and post-wash feeling of cleanliness. I have always found soap bars’ lather slimy and it usually leaves a thin greasy layer of residue on my skin. However, new generation soaps like Aqua Aria’s Porcelain Cleansing Bar are made with no sliminess or greasy bubbles. This product has changed my opinion about soap bars.

Aqua Aria is a skincare company with only one proprietary product – the Porcelain Cleansing Bar. This made-in-Japan beauty bar is so simple, it is made with only 4 natural ingredients: Sekken Soji, Squalane, Glycerin and Bentonite.

1. Sekken Soji is a 100% plant derived Japanese cleansing agent known for its ability to retain skin’s natural moisture.
2. Squalane is a moisturizing agent derived from vegetables and fruit like olives. It is what makes soap feels like oil, acts like oil but is not oil.
3. Glycerin is a natural compound made from vegetable oil that aids in the process of healthy cell maturation.
4. Bentonite is a natural ceramic; a porous clay with negative electric charge (ions) that removes metal ions and trihalomethane in water. Simply put, bentonite’s negative ions neutralizes positive ions – also known as free radicals, giving anti-aging skin a more youthful lustre.

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How to use: Like you would any other bar of soap. Lightly wet your face with a few splashes of water. Lather soap between palms and massage over face. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry.

My take: The soap lathers easily. At no point does it turn slimy and bubbly like most mass-manufactured soaps and does not leave behind an oily layer of residue. In fact, look at the photo below. It was taken immediately after I had tried to lather it up vigorously to prove a point (just look at my hands). Still, it barely soaps up on the surface!



It is 100% fragrance free. Skin feels really supple and silky smooth. I can tell you this soap really cleans! In fact, it cleans too well. During one of my washes, I decided to really give my face a good 5-minute long massage cleanse. After rinsing off, my face was so clean it felt a little too tight. I expected this because the soap’s bentonite clay is known for its powerful ability to go under the skin’s layers and draw up excess oil and toxins.

After a week’s normal use, my skin appears healthy and luminous.

This chemical-free soap is suitable for all skin types. Even for men. But if you have a predisposition to dry skin, I would not suggest this. Some online reviewers used this soap to remove makeup as well. If you’d like to do so, try washing your face twice. One time to remove makeup and second time to give it a thorough deep clean.

Aqua Aria’s Porcelain Cleansing Bar is priced at $68 per 80gram bar. Available for purchase online at Aqua Aria’s website. For now until 31 May, you will be able to enjoy 10% discount off your purchase. Simply key in the discount code: aakat10 at checkout. You will also find it retailing at Tangs@Paragon, Escenticals counter.

For $68, it is expensive soap. But if you store it in a dry container and use sparingly everyday (a little lather is all you need per wash), one bar can last about 4-6 months.

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 8.5
Does What It Says 8.5
Value For Money 7.0
A simple concept beauty bar soap with drawing power!
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