Review: Antipodes Hosanna H2O Skin-Plumping Serum

This is literally getting the best of New Zealand nature elements in a bottle. Antipodes is a scientifically certified organic skincare brand that uses local ingredients grown on organic native soil like manuka honey, harekeke flax, mamaku black fern and pohutukawa bloom; where the land is pure and green, with fresh air and clean water.

If you are looking for skincare products that are scientifically validated organic by independent government organic certification bodies and certified safe for vegetarians, look no further than Antipodes. Their natural formulations have yield scientifically validated performance results. For instance, the Hosanna H2O Skin Plumping Serum has proven to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in human fibroblast skin cells by up to 72%! This, I had to try.

The 100% naturally-sourced ingredient serum (of which 95% is from organic cultivation) is a water-charged oil-free bio-active serum. Its efficacy lies in one key ingredient – vinanza grape. This type of grape is derived from New Zealand’s batch of sauvignon blanc grapes sharing the same farmland where award-winning wines are made. As a skincare ingredient, the grape seed extract is a super-charged antioxidant to boost hydration and fight skin cell damage. It plumps up the skin’s collagen layers and builds resistance against environmental  pollutants. If it’s good enough to drink, it’s good enough for your skin.

Let’s look at the top ingredients. Lavender distillate, waiwera mineral water, mamaku black fern leaf extract and vinanza grape seed extract. Lavender distillate simply means lavender essence derived by the condensation of vapors. Waiwera mineral water is NZ’s brand of artesian water drawn from deep beneath the Earth’s crust. Mamaku black fern leaf extract is a large black tree endemic to NZ with powers to bring new life to human skin cells. Vinanza grape seed extract, well, you already know.


I like that the expiry date is clearly printed on the bottle’s label.

This light brown serum has a distinct floral scent that some users might find quite strong. Despite that, the serum’s texture is quite amazing because it soaks right into the skin once applied. Some may find this lightweight but the super absorbent consistency is perfect for day and night use underneath other skincare or makeup products. I would not suggest using this serum alone.

Every morning, I take 2-3 drops and spread it on my freshly cleansed face. At night, I mix it with an additional 2 drops of pure organic rosehip oil (like Pai: Rosehip BioRegnerate Oil). Despite some late nights and lack of sleep, my complexion is seriously smooth and radiant.

On handOpen bottle

The serum comes in 30ml recyclable amber dropper bottle and retails for S$65. One bottle can last up to 6 months usage. It is available online via Skintegral, Pure Tincture and Bud Cosmetics.

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Editor's Rating

Texture & Consistency 7.5
Does What It Says 8.0
Bang for Your Buck 7.5
Water-based oil-free serum made from nature's best in New Zealand.
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