Review: Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask

Cleopatra was famously known to use natural clay to preserve her flawless complexion.

In the world of beauty and natural skincare, clay has been an ingredient that has outlasted over many centuries and generation. It extracts toxins and impurities, while delivering essential minerals for smooth, healthy looking skin.

Recently, I tested Absolutely Gorgeous’s Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask from It’s Natural. This mask is fabulous! It doubles as an amazing natural exfoliant as well.

Founded by Cristina Masci, Absolutely Gorgeous is a natural and organic Australian company that specializes in luxury skin care products made from pure and chemical-free ingredients. Its Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask is great for busy individuals looking for a complete facial in a tub. It apparently also helps heal blemishes too  ♥

Australian clay is extremely pure. Due to its geographical location of the harsh climate and vast outback landscape, Australia’s clay is highly concentrated with minerals and nutrients. It is not contaminated by rehabilitation and environmental damage.

This mask has active ingredients! I know this because shortly after I applied the mask on my face, I got a slight warm sensation. After twenty minutes or so, the mask completely dries out and you’d know it is time for rinsing off. As I scrubbed the mask off, the bamboo wood grains in the clay mask exfoliate the skin by adding to the ‘lift’ of dirt, dead cells and impurities.

In the end, my complexion was noticeably clearer, fresher and felt softer. It looks even better the next day.

The mask leaves a lingering aromatic trace of lavender oil, geranium oil, rosemary extract and lime oil. The one thing I really I love about this mask is its super power dual-action of masking & exfoliating. Perfect for time-strapped people like me!

Also, I tried this mask last night when I had a single red and ripe pimple – you know, the one like a painful volcano about to erupt with a white-tipped pus halfway to the top (gross! I know). I can confidently say that the pimple settled down noticeable the next day. The pus-tip was gone, leaving just a red spot on my skin. A difference of at least 50% improvement. Pretty amazing! So, if you are prone to pre-period acne (like me), this it a great mask to have!

Recommended for all skin types. Particularly beneficial for combination to oily skin. However, it is said to be not suitable for sensitive skin. Well….I have sensitive skin and it works super on me.

This mask is reasonably priced at S$50 nett at It’s Naturala new Singaporean online skincare store

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This product was listed as one of Kat’s Best Products Reviewed for 2012.

Editor's Rating

Consistency & Texture 9.0
Effectiveness 8.5
Value for Money 8.5
Convenient and effective clay mask. Perfect for the busy person. Another personal favorite of mine.
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